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11997Cognition Needs Satisfaction and Emotional Responses for Home Care in Bone Marrow Transplantation Patients許麗珠; 陳耀昌; 黃秀梨; SHEU, LI-CHU; CHEN, YAO-CHANG; HWANG, SHIOW-LI高雄醫學科學雜誌,v.13 
21997The Experience and Adaptative Behaviors of the Infertile Women Who Were Suffering from in Vitro Fertilization FailureSU, TSANN-JUU; YANG, YA-LING; TENG, SU-WEN; 蘇燦煮; 楊雅玲; 鄧素文高雄醫學科學雜誌,v.13