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12009A Case of Restrictive Dermopathy with Complete Chorioamniotic Membrane Separation Caused by a Novel Homozygous Nonsense Mutation in the Zmpste24 Gene陳明; 馬國欽; 柯瑜媛; 張舜評; 陳持平; 李東杰; 李孟倫; 李美慧; 陳子和; 陳加祥; 林惠美; 劉青山; CHEN, MING; MA, GWO-CHIN; KE, YU-YUAN; CHANG, SHUN-PING; CHEN, CHIH-PING; LEE, DONG-JAY; LEE, MENG-LUEN; LEE, MEI-HUI; CHEN, TZE-HO; CHEN, CHIA-HSIANG; LIN, HUI-MEI; LIU, CHIN-SAN
21997Concordance of Positive and Negative Symptoms in Coaffected Sib-Pairs with SchizophreniaHWU, HAI-GWO; 陳為堅 
32002Evaluation of Linkage Evidence of Schizophrenia to Chromosome 22q11-12 in Taiwanese FamiliesLIU, CHIH-MIN; HWU, HAI-GWO
42007Holt-Oram syndrome with right lung agenesis caused by a de novo mutation in the TBX5 gene Tseng, YR; Su, YN; Lu, LF; Jeng, SF; Chen, CY; Chou, HC; Tsao, PN; Hsieh, WS.
51991Molecular Characterization of Severe Alpha-Thalassemias Causing Hydrops Fetalis in TaiwanKo, T. M.; 謝豐舟; 李鎡堯; Ko, T. M.; Hsieh, Fon-Jou; Lee, Tzu-Yao
62002No Evidence for Linkage and Linkage Dysequilibrium of Schizophrenia to Notch4 Locus in Taiwanese FamiliesHWU, HAI-GWO; LIU, CHIH-MIN