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12014Clinical effectiveness, toxicity, and failure patterns of helical tomotherapy for postoperative oral cavity cancer patientsLI-YING WANG; Hsieh, Chen-Hsi; Shueng, Pei-Wei; Wang, Li-Ying; Liao, Li-Jen; Lin, Yu-Chin; Kuo, Ying-Shiung; Lo, Wu-Chia; Tseng, Chien-Fu; Tien, Hui-Ju; Chou, Hsiu-Ling; Hsieh, Yen-Ping; Wu, Le-Jung; Chen, Yu-JenOncoTargets and Therapy 21
22016Effectiveness of tyrosine kinase inhibitors on uncommon E709X epidermal growth factor receptor mutations in non-small-cell lung cancerJIN-YUAN SHIHOncoTargets and Therapy 1821
32012Helical tomotherapy provides efficacy similar to that of intensity-modulated radiation therapy with dosimetric benefits for endometrial carcinomaLI-YING WANG; Hsieh, Chen-Hsi; Shueng, Pei-Wei; Hsiao, Sheng-Mou; Wei, Ming-Chow; Wu, Wen-Yih; Sun, Hsu-Dong; Tien, Hui-Ju; Wang, Li-Ying; Hsieh, Yen-PingOncoTargets and Therapy 67
42013Impact of age on functional exercise correlates in patients with advanced lung cancerWang, Li-Ying; LI-YING WANG; Wu, Huey-Dong; Chen, Kuan-Yu; Hsieh, Chen-Hsi; Lai, Chung-ChunOncoTargets and Therapy 33
52014Prior EGFR tyrosine-kinase inhibitor therapy did not influence the efficacy of subsequent pemetrexed plus platinum in advanced chemonaïve patients with EGFR-mutant lung adenocarcinomaSUNG-LIANG YU; Tseng, Jeng-Sen; Tseng, Jeng-Sen; Chong-Jen Yu; Yang, Tsung-Ying; Yang, Tsung-Ying; Chen, Kun-Chieh; WEI-YU LIAO; Hsu, Kuo-Hsuan; KANG-YI SU; Yu, Chong-Jen; Yu, Chong-Jen; Liao, Wei-Yu; Liao, Wei-Yu; Tsai, Chi-Ren; Tsai, Meen-Hsin; Yu, Sung-Liang; Yu, Sung-Liang; Su, Kang-Yi; Su, Kang-Yi; Chen, Jeremy J. W.; Chen, Jeremy J. W.; Chen, Hsuan-Yu; Chen, Hsuan-Yu; Chang, Gee-ChenOncoTargets and Therapy 1413
62013Stereotactic body radiation therapy via helical tomotherapy to replace brachytherapy for brachytherapy-unsuitable cervical cancer patients - a preliminary resultLI-YING WANG; Hsieh, Chen-Hsi; Tien, Hui-Ju; Hsiao, Sheng-Mou; Wei, Ming-Chow; Wu, Wen-Yih; Sun, Hsu-Dong; Wang, Li-Ying; Hsieh, Yen-Ping; Chen, Yu-Jen; Shueng, Pei-WeiOncoTargets and Therapy 2230