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11994Biomechanical Analysis of Anterior Advancement of the Tibial Tuberosity鄭誠功; 姚南光; 劉華昌; CHENG, CHENG-KUNG; YAO, NAN-KUANG; LIU, HWA-CHANG
22014Comparison of three-dimensional patellofemoral joint reaction forces in persons with and without patellofemoral painChen, Yu-Jen; YU-JEN CHEN; Powers, Christopher M.journal article1314
31994Physiological Patellofemoral Crepitus in Knee DisorderJIANG, CHING-CHUAN; LIU, YI-JUI; YIP, KIM -MAN; WU, ENBOA; FU, SHIN-EN; 江清泉; 劉益瑞; 葉建文; 吳恩柏; 傅式恩
42010Quantification of patellofemoral joint reaction forces during functional activities using a subject-specific three-dimensional modelYU-JEN CHENjournal article
51994膝關節病變之髕骨振動江清泉; 劉益瑞; 葉建文; 吳恩柏; 傅式恩; Jiang, Ching-Chuan