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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12003An analysis of pharmacist on-the job training and educationWu, Fe-lin Lin; Liu, Karin CS
21999Changes of Medical School Curriculum in the 1990s and Its Impact on the First-and Second-Year Curriculum of the University of Pennsylvania School of MedicineLIU, JASON CHIA-SHANG; LIU, HWA-CHANG
32002Development of community pharmacy practice externship courseHo, Yunn-Fang; Wu, Fe-lin Lin; Liu, Karin C.S. Chen
42011The Educational Needs and Contents of Continuing Medical Education on Biomedical Ethics in TaiwanCHEN, YEN-YUAN; LEE, MING-BEEN; CHIU, TAI-YUAN
52002Educational Tour of the Medical Humanities Building and Its Implications for Medical Humanities EducationLEE, MING-BEEN; LUE, BEE-HORNG; HSIEH, BOR-SHEN
62011The Effects of Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Education: Satisfaction and Self-Reported Outcomes of Student Fieldwork ExperiencesPAN, AY-WOAN; LI, CHIH-YING; LI, CHIH-YING; CHEN, YUN-LING; LIU, LI-TING; LIU, LI-TING
72000Efficacy of a Physician-Patient Communication Training Program for Residents in a Medical CenterYANG, PEI-MING 
82015Equal, global, local: discourses in Taiwan's international medical graduate debateHo, Ming-Jung ; Shaw, Kevin; Liu, Tzu-Hung; Norris, Jessie; Chiu, Yu-Ting1313
91999Evaluation of small-group problem-based learningLEUNG, KAI-KUEN; LUE, BEE-HORNG; LEE, MING-BEEN; HSIEH, BOR-SHEN
101999Evaluation of the reasons of absence from general education coursesCHANG, TIEN-CHUN; 張天鈞journal article
111999Facing the Medical Education in Obstetrics and Gynecology for Twenty- First CenturyHO, HONG-NERNG
122001The Focus of Occupational Therapy Education: A Review of Literature and Experts' OpinionsPAN, AY-WOAN
131999Improving student’s learning effects by using laboratory equipment in teaching.Chang, CW
142002Initiation of Clinical Pharmacy Education: Hospital Pharmacy Division, Graduate Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, National Taiwan UniversityWu, Fe-lin Lin; Ho, Yunn-Fang; Liu, Karin C.S. Chen
151998Medical Informations and Medical Education侯勝茂; HOU, SHENG-MOU
162004Meditation of service learning courseChen, Min-Huey; Wang, Jeng-Tzung; Wang, Juo-Song; Lan, Wan-Hong
172011Patients' Legal Competence in Treatment Decision-MakingWU, CHIEN-CHANG; LEE, MING-BEEN; 吳建昌
181998A Preliminary Study of the Academic Achievements and Group Learning Response in Medical Students Admitted via Recommenda_TTS.DATELEE YUE-JOE; LEE MING-BEEN; LUE BEE -HORNG; HOU, SHENG-MOU; 李宇宙; 李明濱; 呂碧鴻; 侯勝茂; 謝博生(HSIEH BOR-SHEN)
192007Research orientation of occupational therapists in TaiwanFu, CP; Tseng, MH; Chen, WS; Yeung, KT; Yeung, KT; Hwang, MT; Liang, WL
202001Teaching Tips: To Teach Is to LearnLIN, KEH-CHUNG