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11994Effects of Ethanol on Pharmacokinetics and Intestinal Absorption of Paraquat in AnimalsYu, Hsiu-Ying; Lai, Yi-Ru; 郭宗禮; Shen, Yu-Zen; Shen, Yu-Zen; Yu, Hsiu-Ying; Lai, Yi-Ru; Kuo, Tsung-LiThe Journal of Toxicological Sciences 
22003Motorcycle Exhaust Particulates Enhance Vasoconstriction in Organ Culture of Rat Aortas and Involve Reactive Oxygen SpeciesTZENG, HUEI-PING; YANG, RONG-SEN; UENG, TZUU-HUEI; LIN-SHIAU, SHOEI-YN; LIU, SHING-HWATOXICOLOGICAL SCIENCES