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12013Age as a factor in sensory integration function in taiwanese childrenMEI-HUI TSENG; Lin, Chin-Kai; Wu, Huey-Min; Wang, Hsin-Yi; Tseng, Mei-Hui; Lin, Chung-HuiNeuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment 32
22014Combotherapy and current concepts as well as future strategies for the treatment of Alzheimer's diseaseFan, Ling-Yun; Ming-Jang Chiu; Chiu, Ming-JangNeuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment 2727
32008Erratum: The 4 As associated with pathological Parkinson disease gamblers: Anxiety, anger, age and agonists (Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment (2007) vol. 3 (161-167))YU-LING CHANG Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment 0
42014Possible association between phantom vibration syndrome and occupational burnoutLI-REN CHANG Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment 99
52012Self-reported psychopathology and health-related quality of life in heroin users treated with methadoneLI-REN CHANG ; Chen, Ying-Zai; Huang, Wei-Lieh; Shan, Jia-Chi; Lin, Yu-Hsuan; Chang, Hung-Chieh Wu; Chang, Li-Ren Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment 1515
62012Sensory integration dysfunction affects efficacy of speech therapy on children with functional articulation disordersCHING-LIN HSIEH; Tung, Li-Chen; Lin, Chin-Kai; Hsieh, Ching-Lin; Chen, Ching-Chi; Huang, Chin-Tsan; Wang, Chun-HouNeuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment 62
72007The four as associated with pathological Parkinson disease gamblers: Anxiety, anger, age, and agonistsYU-LING CHANG Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment 120
82015The impact of nonmotor symptoms on quality of life in patients with parkinson’s disease in TaiwanChin-Hsien LinNeuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment 2427