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12015Antioxidative strategy for inflammatory diseasesYUH-LIEN CHENMediators of Inflammation 21
22014Chitosan oligosaccharides attenuate ocular inflammation in rats with experimental autoimmune anterior uveitisCHUNG-MAY YANG ; CHANG-HAO YANG Mediators of Inflammation 1718
32020Effects of the Glutamine Administration on T Helper Cell Regulation and Inflammatory Response in Obese Mice Complicated with Polymicrobial SepsisCHUN-CHIEH HUANG ; Yeh, C.-L. ; Su, L.-H. ; Wu, J.-M. ; , Yang, P.-J. ; Lee, P.-C. ; Chen, P.-DMediators of Inflammation 1
42015Expression of MicroRNAs in the eyes of lewis rats with experimental autoimmune anterior UveitisCHANG-HAO YANG Mediators of Inflammation 1314
52016Expression Profile of Cationic Amino Acid Transporters in Rats with Endotoxin-Induced UveitisCHANG-HAO YANG Mediators of Inflammation 35
62014Glutamine Supplementation Attenuates Expressions of Adhesion Molecules and Chemokine Receptors on T Cells in a Murine Model of Acute ColitisJIN-MING WU; Kuen-Yuan Chen; MING-TSAN LIN; Ming-Hsun WuMediators of Inflammation 1514
72017Growth Differentiation Factor 15 May Predict Mortality of Peripheral and Coronary Artery Diseases and Correlate with Their Risk FactorsJYH-MING Jimmy JUANGMediators of Inflammation 1422
82017MicroRNA-146a Alleviates Experimental Autoimmune Anterior Uveitis in the Eyes of Lewis RatsCHANG-HAO YANG Mediators of Inflammation 24
92015Proteasome inhibitor bortezomib suppresses nuclear factor-kappa b activation and ameliorates eye inflammation in experimental autoimmune uveitisCHANG-HAO YANG Mediators of Inflammation 1111
102014The effects of Amphiregulin induced mmp-13 production in human osteoarthritis synovial fibroblastChun-Han HouMediators of Inflammation 1116
112014Troglitazone and Δ2troglitazone enhance adiponectin expression in monocytes/macrophages through the AMP-activated protein Kinase PathwayTsai, Jaw-Shiun; YUH-LIEN CHEN; CHING-YU CHEN ; Chuang, Lee-Ming; Chen, Ching-Shih; LEE-MING CHUANG; Liang, Chan-Jung; Chen, Yuh-Lien; Chen, Ching-YuMediators of Inflammation 43