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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12006Anatomy instruction in medical schools: Connecting the past and the futureTIEN-SHANG HUANGAdvances in Health Sciences Education 4855
22006Anatomy Instruction in Medical Schools: Connecting the Past and the FutureLEUNG, KAI-KUEN; LU, KUO-SHYAN; HUANG, TIEN-SHANG; HSIEH, BOR-SHENADVANCES IN HEALTH SCIENCES EDUCATION 
32016Can student self-ratings be compared with peer ratings? A study of measurement invariance of multisource feedbackLee, Keng-Lin; Tsai, Shih-Li; Chiu, Yu-Ting; Ho, Ming-JungAdvances in Health Sciences Education 79
42007Factors affecting students' evaluation in a community service-learning programCHING-YU CHEN Advances in Health Sciences Education 1919
52007Factors Affecting Students’ Evaluation in a Community Service-Learning ProgramLeung, Kai-Kuen; Liu, Wen-Jing; Wang, Wei-Dan; Chen, Ching-YuAdvances in Health Sciences Education 
62012Multi-source evaluation of interpersonal and communication skills of family medicine residentsChen, Yen-YuanAdvances in Health Sciences Education 57
72008Validation of the Tutotest in a hybrid problem-based learning curriculumLeung, Kai-Kuen; WEI-DEAN WANGAdvances in Health Sciences Education 11