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12003Autofluorescence spectra of oral submucous fibrosis.Chen, H. M.; Wang, C. Y.; Chen, C. T.; Yang, H.; Kuo, Y. S.; Lan, W. H.; Kuo, M. Y. P.; Chiang, C. P.J Oral Pathol Med 
22013Burning mouth syndrome: a review and updateSun, Andy; Wu, Kai-Ming; Wang, Yi-Ping; Lin, Hung-Pin; Chen, Hsin-Ming; Chiang, Chun-PinJ. Oral Pathol. Med. 
31996Inhibition of the migration, attachment, spreading, growth and collagen synthesis of human gingival fibroblasts by arecoline, a major areca alkaloid, in vitroJeng, J. H.; Lan, W. H.; Hahn, L. J.; Hsieh, C. C.; Kuo, M. Y.J Oral Pathol Med 
41994Mutations of Ki-ras oncogene codon 12 in betel quid chewing-related human oral squamous cell carcinoma in TaiwanKuo, M. Y.; Jeng, J. H.; Chiang, C. P.; Hahn, L. J.J Oral Pathol Med 
51998Serine protease activity is essential for thrombin-induced protein synthesis in cultured human dental pulp cells: modulation roles of prostaglandin E2Chang, M. C.; Lan, W. H.; Chan, C. P.; Lin, C. P.; Hsieh, C. C.; Jeng, J. H.J Oral Pathol Med 
62004Serum interleukin-8 level is a more sensitive marker than serum interleukin-6 level in monitoring the disease activity of recurrent aphthous ulcerations.Sun, A; Chang, Y. F.; Chia, J. S.; Chiang, C. P.J Oral Pathol Med 
72012Significant association of deficiency of hemoglobin, iron and vitamin B12, high homocysteine level, and gastric parietal cell antibody positivity with atrophic glossitisSun, Andy; Lin, Hung-Pin; Wang, Yi-Ping; Chiang, Chun-PinJ. Oral Pathol. Med. 
82001Some specific HLA DR/DQ haplotypes are more important than individual HLA-DR and -DQ phenotypes for development of mucocutaneous type of Behcet’s disease and for disease shift from recurrent aphthous stomatitis to mucocutaneous type of BehcSun, A; Hsieh, R. P.; Chu, C. T.; Wang, J. T.; Liu, B. Y.; Chiang, C. P.J Oral Pathol Med