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12010Ameliorative effect of quercetin on the destruction caused by experimental periodontitis in ratsCHING-LIANG CHU journal article2930
22012Areca nut extracts suppress the differentiation and functionality of human monocyte-derived dendritic cellsTONG-RONG JAN journal article32
32013Butyrate induces reactive oxygen species production and affects cell cycle progression in human gingival fibroblastsChang, M. -C.; YI-WEN CHEN ; YI-LING TSAI ; Tsai, Y. -L.; Chen, Y. -W.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; Chan, C. -P.; Huang, C. -F.; Lan, W. -C.; Lin, C. -C.; Lan, W. -H.; Jeng, J. -H.journal article4039
42014Comparison of treatment effects of guided tissue regeneration on infrabony lesions between animal and human studies: A systematic review and meta-analysisYU-KANG TU journal article67
52013Differential regulation of collagen, lysyl oxidase and MMP-2 in human periodontal ligament cells by low- and high-level mechanical stretchingJANE CHUNG-CHEN YAO ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; YI-JANE CHEN ; HSIAO-HUA CHANG journal article119
62013Glycated matrix up-regulates inflammatory signaling similarly to Porphyromonas gingivalis lipopolysaccharidePO-CHUN CHANG journal article2523
72013Irradiation by light-emitting diode light as an adjunct to facilitate healing of experimental periodontitis in vivoPO-CHUN CHANG journal article1513
82015Root coverage by coronally advanced flap with connective tissue graft and/or enamel matrix derivative: A meta-analysisYU-KANG TU journal article1110