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11989An Acetylethyleneimine Inactivated Thymidine Kinase and Glycoprotein X Deleted Pseudorabies Vaccine for the Prevention and Serological Differentiation of Pseudorabies in Swine楊平政; Pirtle, E. C.; Beran, G. W.; Wardley, R. C.; Yang, P. C.; Pirtle, E. C.; Beran, G. W.; Wardley, R. C.journal article
21995Application of insulin in the management of feline diabetes mellitusHuang, HP; Yang, HL; Tsai, HT; Chen, KY
31994Application of MTT Colorimetric Assay to Measure Cell Proliferation and Viability for Swine Lymphocytes and MacrophagesPang, Victor Fei ; Chang, Chih-Cheng; Lau, K.journal article
42000Canine atopy in Taipei areaHuang, HP; Chan, ASL; Lai, MK; Lien, YH
51995Canine cerumen cytologyHuang, HP
61995Case report: Feline chronic pancreatitisHunag, HP; Yang, HL; Wong, SS; Chen, KY
71995Case report: Juvenile diabetes mellitus in a dogHuang, HP; Liang, SL; Yang, HL; Lien, YH; Chen, KY
81995Case report: Two case reports of canine nephrolithsLiang, SL; Yang, HL; Huang, HP; Chen, KY
92000Case report: Use of gastroscopic food test as a rapid procedure in diagnosing food hypersensitivity (rice and wheat) in an atopic dogLien, YH; Huang, HP
101994Case Report:Mammary Gland Adenocarcinoma in a LionPang, Victor Fei ; Chiou, H. I.; Chang, Chih-Chengjournal article
111994Case Report:Secondary Iatrogenic Canine Hypoadrenocorticism黃慧璧 ; Lin, C. J.; Yang, H. L.; 陳光陽; 龐飛; 梁碩麟; 黃慧璧 ; Lin, C. J.; Yang, H. L.; Pang, Victor Fei ; 梁碩麟journal article
121995Colour of canine cerumenHuang, HP
131994The Cytotoxic Effects of Aflatoxin B1 on Swine Lymphocytes in VitroPang, Victor Fei ; Pan, C. Y.journal article
141986Development of Isolated Small Intestinal Loops (Thiry-Vella) in Pigs劉振軒 ; 朱瑞民; Chuon, S. J.; Liu, Chen-Hsuan ; Chu, Redman M.journal article
151985Dextropulmono-Cardia and Hepatization of Lungs in a Distemper Puppy陳光陽; Fu, Kuo-Chu; Chen, Kuang-Yang; Fu, Kuo-Chujournal article
162000Diabetic dogs with concurrent hyperadrenocorticism: a retrospective study of 11 cases during 1995-1999Huang, HP; Lien, YH; Chang, PH
172001Diagnosis and Surgery Management of Lens Displacement in the DogLIN, Chung-Tirn; LIN, Yu-Wen
181992Enzyme Immunoassay of Porcine Milk LactoferrinWang, S. R.; 朱瑞民; Weng, C. N.; Wang, S. R.; Chu, Redman M.journal article
191994Improved Methods for the Purification and Measurement of Superoxide Anion Radical Production of Swine NeutrophilsPang, Victor Fei ; Tsai, C. T.journal article
201994An introduction to Malassezia associated otitis in dogsHuang, HP