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11990Ancestral polymorphisms of MHC class II genes: Divergent allele advantageWakeland, E.K.; Boehme, S.; She, J.X.; Lu, C.-C.; McIndoe, R.A.; Cheng, I.; Ye, Y.; Potts, W.K.; IVAN-CHEN CHENG Immunologic Research 105105
21991Ancestral Polymorphisms of MHC Class II Genes:Divergent Allele Advantage鄭益謙; Wakeland, E. K.; Boehme, S.; She, J. X.; Lu, C. C.; Mcindoe, R. A.; Ye, Y.; Potts, W. K.; Cheng, Ivan-Chen; Boehme, S.; She, J. X.; Lu, C. C.; Ye, Y.Immunologic Research