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12001Alveolar soft part sarcoma of the extremities侯勝茂J Orthop Surg ROC 
21997Aseptic loosening in hip arthroplasty-with or without osteolysis.Tsai, CL; Chen, SH; Liu, TKJ Orthop Surg ROC 
32000Comparison of endoscopic and open release on patients with carpal tunnel syndrome.侯勝茂J Orthop Surg ROC 
41985Coverage of medium to large skin defect by microvascular procedure侯勝茂J Orthop Surg ROC 
52002The effects of four-paw warming on perioperative hypothermia in the rat.Chang, YS; Hou, SM; Chang, CH; Yeh, LS.J Orthop Surg ROC 
62001Lymphoma of bone侯勝茂J Orthop Surg ROC 
72001Minimal invasive technique in compression hip screw insertion.侯勝茂J Orthop Surg ROC 
82001Minimal invasive technique in pression hip screw insertion侯勝茂J Orthop Surg ROC 
92000MRI measurement of median nerve compression in carpal tunnel syndrome.侯勝茂J Orthop Surg ROC 
101996Recovery of mechanical strength of tendon to bone implantation, an experimental study侯勝茂J Orthop Surg ROC 
112001Reverse drilling technique in inserting distal locking screws of interlocking nail侯勝茂J Orthop Surg ROC 
122008Surgical approach in total knee arthroplasty. Lateral parapatellar approach betters patellar tracking.Tsai, CL; Huang, CH; Tsai, KJJ Orthop Surg ROC 
132001Treatment of humeral intercondylar fracture with triceps-reflecting anconeus pedicle (trap) approach.侯勝茂J Orthop Surg ROC 
141987Treatment of soft tissue defect of the forefoot by lateral upper arm flap侯勝茂J Orthop Surg ROC