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12008Single crystal XRD study of 4,4-dipyridyl - p-ethoxybenzoic acid and N,N-dipyridylpiperazine - p-ethoxybenzoic acid co-crystals: Direct evidence of H-bond interaction in the corresponding liquid-crystalline mesogenic phasesLai, L. L.; Lai, LL; Lee, LJ; Lee, L. J.; Luo, DW; Luo, D. W.; Liu, Y. H.; Liu, YH; Wang, Y.; Wang, YuJournal of Structural Chemistry 
22006Synthesis and structure of bis[2,6-bis(2-pyridylamino)pyridinium] tetrachlorocadmiumate(II)Zhang, M; Xie, YS; Wei, KJ; Liu, QL; Peng, SMCHINESE JOURNAL OF STRUCTURAL CHEMISTRY