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12010Characteristics of Female Plastic Surgery Patients with Medical Disputes: Implications for Physician-Patient CommunicationTSAI, FENG-CHOU; LIAU, JIUN-KAI; TSAI, SHANG-TA; LEE, MING-BEEN; SUN, LEI-MING; LYU, SHU-YU; 蔡豐州; 廖俊凱; 蔡尚達; 李明濱; 孫雷銘; 呂淑妤醫學教育,v.14 
22010Community Service-Learning and Cultivation of Humanity and Social Awareness in Medical StudentsLEUNG, KAI-KUEN; TSAI, STANLEY SHIH-LI; WANG, WEI- DEAN; 梁繼權; 蔡詩力; 王維典醫學教育,v.14