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12003Influencing Factors of Death Fear in Terminal Cancer PatientsCHEN, CHING-YU; CHIU, TAI-YUAN; SHIH, TSUNG-CHUN; YAO, CHIEN-AN; TSAI, JAW-SHIUN; HU, WEN-YU; 陳慶餘; 邱泰源; 釋宗惇; 姚建安; 蔡兆勳; 胡文郁安寧療護,v.8 
22003A Survey of People's Concepts and Attitudes Towards Death after the 921 EarthquakeSHIH, TSUNG-CHUN; BHIKKUNI, CHUAN-YUAN; CHEN, CHING-YU; 釋宗惇; 釋傅願; 陳慶餘安寧療護,v.8