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12009A four-gene signature from NCI-60 cell line for survival prediction in non-small cell lung cancerHsu YC; SUNG-LIANG YU; Yuan S; Chen HY; Yu SL; Liu CH; Hsu PY; Wu G; Lin CH; Chang GC; Li KC; Yang PCClinical Cancer Research 4140
22013A negative feedback of the HIF-1α pathway via interferon-stimulated gene 15 and ISGylationTSAI-KUN LI Clinical Cancer Research 1320
32006A novel anticancer effect of thalidomide: Inhibition of intercellular adhesion molecule-1-mediated cell invasion and metastasis through suppression of nuclear factor-κBMING-SHIANG WU; CHIA-TUNG SHUNClinical Cancer Research 97103
42015Activation of IL6/IGFIR confers poor prognosis of HBV-related hepatocellular carcinoma through induction of OCT4/NANOG expressionHONG-NERNG HO; Chang, Te-Sheng; Thai-Yen Ling; Wu, Yu-Chih; Chi, Ching-Chi; Su, Wei-Chi; Chang, Pey-Jium; Lee, Kam-Fai; Tung, Tao-Hsin; Wang, Jui; Liu, Jun-Jen; Tung, Shui-Yi; Kuo, Liang-Mou; Ho, Hong-Nerng; Ling, Thai-Yen; Huang, Yen-HuaClinical Cancer Research 5568
52004Activation of the Akt/mammalian target of rapamycin/4E-BP1 pathway by ErbB2 overexpression predicts tumor progression in breast cancersKENG-HSUEH LAN Clinical Cancer Research 265249
62006Antitumor effects of a novel phenylbutyrate-based histone deacetylase inhibitor, (S)-HDAC-42, in prostate cancerCHING-YU CHEN Clinical Cancer Research 8083
72008ASPM\\s a novel marker for vascular invasion, early recurrence, and poor prognosis of hepatocellular carcinomaYUNG-MING JENGClinical Cancer Research 6786
82005Association of GSTP1 polymorphism and survival for esophageal cancerSHUENN-WEN KUO; HSAO-HSUN HSU; JANG-MING LEE; JIN-SHING CHEN; PEI-MING HUANGClinical Cancer Research 4545
92010CEBPD reverses RB/E2F1-mediated gene repression and participates in HMDB-induced apoptosis of cancer cellsPan, Y.-C.; MIN-HSIUNG PAN et al. Clinical Cancer Research 2634
102012Characterization of gene amplification-driven SKP2 overexpression in myxofibrosarcoma: Potential implications in tumor progression and therapeuticsJEN-CHIEH LEEClinical Cancer Research 2629
112007Clonality and prognostic implications of p53 and epidermal growth factor receptor somatic aberrations in multiple primary lung cancersCHEN-TU WU ; YIH-LEONG CHANGClinical Cancer Research 7680
122011Connective tissue growth factor acts as a therapeutic agent and predictor for peritoneal carcinomatosis of colorectal cancerPO-HUANG LEE; Jin-Tung Liang; YUNG-MING JENG; BEEN-REN LINClinical Cancer Research 2326
132005Cyr61 induces gastric cancer cell motility/invasion via activation of the integrin/nuclear factor-κB/cyclooxygenase-2 signaling pathwayPO-HUANG LEE; YUNG-MING JENG; BEEN-REN LINClinical Cancer Research 7782
142015Detection and dynamic changes of EGFR mutations from circulating tumor DNA as a predictor of survival outcomes in NSCLC Patients treated with first-line intercalated erlotinib and chemotherapyChong-Jen YuClinical Cancer Research 280325
151999Direct comparison of liposomal doxorubicin with or without polyethylene glycol coating in C-26 tumor-bearing mice: Is surface coating with polyethylene glycol beneficial?VICTOR FEI PANG Clinical Cancer Research 199
162010DNA copy numbers profiles in affinity-purified ovarian clear cell carcinomaKUAN-TING KUOClinical Cancer Research 6574
172014DNA topoisomerase III alpha regulates P53-mediated tumor suppressionHsieh, M.-Y.; Fan, J.-R.; Chang, H.-W.; Chen, H.-C.; Shen, T.-L.; Teng, S.-C.; Yeh, Y.-H.; Li, T.-K.; SHU-CHUN TENG ; TSAI-KUN LI ; TANG-LONG SHEN Clinical Cancer Research 36
182015DUSP1 expression induced by HDAC1 inhibition mediates gefitinib sensitivity in non-small cell lung cancersYIH-LEONG CHANG; Lin, Yun-Chieh; JIN-YUAN SHIH; Lin, Yu-Chin; Shih, Jin-Yuan; Huang, Wei-Jan; Chao, Shi-Wei; Chang, Yih-Leong; Chen, Ching-ChowClinical Cancer Research 2328
192009EPOX inhibits angiogenesis by degradation of Mcl-1 through ERK inactivationCHE-MING TENGClinical Cancer Research 1918
202018FAM198B is associated with prolonged survival and inhibits metastasis in lung adenocarcinoma via blockage of ERK-Mediated MMP-1 expressionSUNG-LIANG YU; KANG-YI SU; JIN-SHING CHENClinical Cancer Research 410