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12013A new 5α,8α-epidioxysterol from the soft coral Sinularia gaweliYen, W.-H.; CHANG-FENG DAI et al. Molecules 1110
22015A redox-controllable molecular switch based on weak recognition of BPX26C6 at a diphenylurea stationChang, J.-C.; Lai, C.-C.; Chiu, S.-H.; SHENG-HSIEN CHIU Molecules 11
32009Antioxidant activity of some plant extracts towards xanthine oxidase, lipoxygenase and tyrosinaseChen, C.-H.; Chan, H.-C.; Chu, Y.-T.; Ho, H.-Y.; Chen, P.-Y.; Lee, T.-H.; Lee, C.-K.; TZONG-HUEI LEE Molecules 7057
42012Application of 2,3-naphthalenediamine in labeling natural carbohydrates for capillary electrophoresisKuo, C.-Y.; Wang, S.-H.; Lin, C.; Liao, S.K.-S.; Hung, W.-T.; Fang, J.-M.; Yang, W.-B.; JIM-MIN FANG Molecules 910
52013Bortezomib congeners induce apoptosis of hepatocellular carcinoma via CIP2A inhibitionKuen-Feng Chen Molecules 87
62013Diterpenoids with anti-inflammatory activity from the wood of cunninghamia konishiiChen, Y.-C.; Li, Y.-C.; You, B.-J.; Chang, W.-T.; Chao, L.K.; Lo, L.-C.; Wang, S.-Y.; Huang, G.-J.; Kuo, Y.-H.; LEE-CHIANG LO Molecules 1518
72014EGF Receptor-Dependent Mechanism May be Involved in the Tamm-Horsfall Glycoprotein-Enhanced PMN Phagocytosis via Activating Rho Family and MAPK Signaling PathwayChieh-Yu Shen ; Li, Ko-Jen; Siao, Sue-Cien; CHENG-HAN WU ; Wu, Cheng-Han; Shen, Chieh-Yu; Chang, Sui-Yuan; Wu, Tsai-Hung; Tsai, Chang-Youh; Hsieh, Song-Chou; Yu, Chia-LiMolecules 78
82015Green synthesis of novel polyaniline nanofibers: Application in pH sensingTanwar, S.; Ho, J.-A.A.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Molecules 1621
92012Induction of apoptosis in human breast adenocarcinoma cells MCF-7 by monapurpyridine a, a new azaphilone derivative from monascus purpureus NTU 568TZU-MING PAN ; Hu, Kuang-Chun; Hsu, LC; Hsu, YW; Wang, Horng-Yuan; Liang, YH; Liu, Sung-Chen; Liaw, CC; Liu, Chuan-Chuan; Hung, Chung-Lieh; Kuo, YH; Bair, Ming-Jong; Pan, TM.; Liu, Chun-Jen; Wu, Ming-Shiang; Shih, Shou-Chuan; 劉俊人; 吳明賢Molecules 1013
102017Kinetics, mechanism and theoretical studies of norbornene-ethylene alternating copolymerization catalyzed by organopalladium(II) complexes bearing hemilabile £\-amino¡VpyridineYu, K.-H.; Huang, S.-L.; Liu, Y.-H.; Wang, Y.; Liu, S.-T. ; Cheng, Y.-C. ; Lin, Y.-F.; Chen, J.-T.Molecules 34
112017Kinetics, Mechanism and Theoretical Studies of Norbornene-Ethylene Alternating Copolymerization Catalyzed by Organopalladium(II) Complexes Bearing Hemilabile α-Amino–pyridineYu, K.-H.; Huang, S.-L.; Liu, Y.-H.; Wang, Y.; Liu, S.-T. ; Cheng, Y.-C.; Lin, Y.-F.; Chen, J.-T.Molecules 34
122016Natural Products in Anti-Obesity TherapyMIN-HSIUNG PAN; MIN-HSIUNG PAN Molecules 89
132015NBM-T-BBX-OS01, semisynthesized from osthole, induced G1 growth arrest through HDAC6 inhibition in lung cancer cellsKUO-TAI HUA Molecules 811
142014New and cytotoxic components from Antrodia CamphorataLee, T.-H.; Chen, C.-C.; Chen, J.-J.; Liao, H.-F.; Chang, H.-S.; Sung, P.-J.; Tseng, M.-H.; Wang, S.-Y.; Ko, H.-H.; Kuo, Y.-H.; TZONG-HUEI LEE Molecules 87
152015New cembranoid diterpenes from the cultured octocoral Nephthea columnarisCHANG-FENG DAI Molecules 1110
162016Piceatannol Exerts Anti-Obesity Effects in C57BL/6 Mice through Modulating Adipogenic Proteins and Gut MicrobiotaMIN-HSIUNG PAN; MIN-HSIUNG PAN Molecules 320
172012Regulated expressions of MMP-2, -9 by diterpenoids from Euphorbia formosana hayataYu, C.-C.; Hsieh, C.-R.; Hsiao, G.; Chen, P.-Y.; Chang, M.-L.; Yin, H.-W.; Lee, T.-H.; Lee, C.-K.; TZONG-HUEI LEE Molecules 1010
182016Regulation of obesity and metabolic complications by gamma and delta tocotrienolsZhao, L.; Fang, X.; Marshall, M.R.; Chung, S.; Pan, M.-H.; MIN-HSIUNG PAN Molecules 1723
192015Scopoletin protects against methylglyoxal-induced hyperglycemia and insulin resistance mediated by suppression of advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs) generation and anti-glycationChang, W.-C.; Wu, S.-C.; Xu, K.-D.; Liao, B.-C.; Wu, J.-F.; Cheng, A.-S.; SHINN-CHIH WU Molecules 1827
202010Sonogashira reaction of aryl and heteroaryl halides with terminal alkynes catalyzed by a highly efficient and recyclable nanosized MCM-41 anchored palladium bipyridyl complexLin, B.-N.; Huang, S.-H.; Wu, W.-Y.; Mou, C.-Y.; Tsai, F.-Y.; CHUNG-YUAN MOU Molecules 6564