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12010A new approach to controlled/living radical polymerization by DPE methodChou, I-Chen; Luo, Ying-Da; Chiu, Wen-Yen; WEN-YEN CHIU ; Huang, Ching-Tsan Polymer 53
21999A novel second-order nonlinear optical guest-host polymeric material exhibiting optical transparency down to 400 nmLee, R.-H.; Hsiue, G.-H.; Jeng, R.-J.; RU-JONG JENG Polymer 
31999All sol-gel organic-inorganic nonlinear optical materials based on melamines and an alkoxysilane dyeHsiue, G.-H.; Lee, R.-H.; Jeng, R.-J.; RU-JONG JENG Polymer 
42011Bulky side-chain density effect on the photophysical, electrochemical and photovoltaic properties of polythiophene derivativesWang, H.-J.; Chan, L.-H.; Chen, C.-P.; Lin, S.-L.; Lee, R.-H.; Jeng, R.-J.; RU-JONG JENG Polymer 3031
52011Carbazole/fluorene copolymers with dimesitylboron pendants for blue light-emitting diodesChen, Y.-H.; Lin, Y.-Y.; Chen, Y.-C.; Lin, J.T.; Lee, R.-H.; Kuo, W.-J.; Jeng, R.-J.; RU-JONG JENG Polymer 2422
62011Characterization and conversion determination of stable PEDOT latex nanoparticles synthesized by emulsion polymerizationWu, Chieh-Han; WEN-YEN CHIU ; Don, Trong-Ming; Chiu, Wen-Yen Polymer 3125
71999Characterization of UHMWPE sol-gel transition by parallel plate rheometer and pulsed NMRJYH-HORNG WANGPolymer 
82012Conductive composite particles synthesized via pickering emulsion polymerization using conductive latex of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) (PEDOT) as stabilizerWu, Chieh-Han; WEN-YEN CHIU ; Chiu, Wen-Yen ; Don, Trong-MingPolymer 3030
91997Dielectric study of a ferroelectric side-chain liquid crystalline polysiloxane with a broad temperature range of the chiral smectic C phase: 2. Doping effect of a non-linear optically active dyeHsiue, G.-H.; Lee, R.-H.; Jeng, R.-J.; RU-JONG JENG Polymer 
101997Emulsion polymerization of styrene stabilized by mixed anionic and nonionic surfactantsChern, C.-S.; Lin, S.-Y.; Chen, L.-J.; Wu, S.-C.; LI-JEN CHEN ; Chern, Chorng-Shyan; Lin, Shi-Yow; Chen, Li-Jen ; Wu, Shuo-ChengPolymer 6156
112018Facile approach for rapid self-assembly of rod-coil block copolymersSHIH-HUANG TUNG; WEI-FANG SU; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; WEI-FANG SU Polymer 54
122003Facile preparation of amphiphilic oxyethylene-oxypropylene block copolymers by selective triazine couplingJan, J.Z.; Huang, B.H.; Lin, J.-J.; JIANG-JEN LIN Polymer 2927
132008Facile synthetic route toward poly(vinyl benzyl amine) and its versatile intermediatesTing, W.-H.; Dai, S.A.; Shih, Y.-F.; Yang, I.-K.; Su, W.-C.; Jeng, R.-J.; RU-JONG JENG Polymer 1614
142001Glass transition and exclusion model in crystallization of polyether-polyester block copolymers with amide linkagesHo, R.-M.; Chi, C.-W.; Tsai, C.-C.; Lin, J.-J.; JIANG-JEN LIN Polymer 77
152008Growth mechanism and pH-regulation characteristics of composite latex particles prepared from Pickering emulsion polymerization of aniline/ZnO using different hydrophilicities of oil phasesJeng, Jauder; WEN-YEN CHIU ; Chen, Tai-You; Lee, Chia-Fen; Liang, Nai-Yun; Chiu, Wen-Yen Polymer 3736
162004Intercalation of layered double hydroxides by poly(oxyalkylene)- amidocarboxylates: Tailoring layered basal spacingLin, J.-J.; Juang, T.-Y.; JIANG-JEN LIN Polymer 3634
172004Low dielectric constant nanoporous poly(methyl silsesquioxane) using poly(styrene-block-2-vinylpyridine) as a templateYang, C.-C.; Wu, P.-T.; Chen, W.-C.; Chen, H.-L.; Yang, Chang-Chung; WEN-CHANG CHEN ; Wu, Pei-Tzu; Chen, Wen-Chang ; Chen, Hsin-LungPolymer 4437
182000Microstructural and morphological characteristics of PS-SiO2 nanocompositesHsiue, G.-H.; Kuo, W.-J.; Huang, Y.-P.; Jeng, R.-J.; RU-JONG JENG Polymer 166154
192011Morphological, structural and rheological properties of beta-cyclodextrin based polypseudorotaxane gelsKuo, W.-Y.; Lai, H.-M.; HSI-MEI LAI Polymer 910
202006New soluble triphenylamine-based amorphous aromatic polyamides for high performance blue-emitting hole-transporting and anodically electrochromic materialsLiou, G.-S.; Huang, N.-K.; Yang, Y.-L.; GUEY-SHENG LIOU Polymer 2018