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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12014A 3-D spectral-element and frequency-wave number hybrid method for high-resolution seismic array imagingCHIN-WU CHEN Geophysical Research Letters 
22007A chemical kinetic approach to estimate dynamic shear stress during the 1999 Taiwan Chi-Chi earthquakeHirono, T.; SHENG-RONG SONGet al. Geophysical Research Letters 4749
32006A growing structure near the deformation front in SW Taiwan as deduced from SAR interferometry and geodetic observationHuang, M.-H.; Hu, J.-C.; Hsieh, C.-S.; Ching, K.-E.; Rau, R.-J.; Pathier, E.; Fruneau, B.; Deffontaines, B.; JYR-CHING HU Geophysical Research Letters 2623
42013A midcrustal ramp-fault structure beneath the Taiwan tectonic wedge illuminated by the 2013 Nantou earthquake seriesChuang, R.Y.; Johnson, K.M.; Wu, Y.-M.; Ching, K.-E.; Kuo, L.-C.; RAY Y. CHUANG ; YIH-MIN WU Geophysical Research Letters 2525
52013A unique seasonal pattern in dissolved elemental mercury in the South China Sea, a tropical and monsoon-dominated marginal seaTseng, C.M.; Lamborg, C.H.; Hsu, S.C.; CHUN-MAO TSENG Geophysical Research Letters 2725
62005A unique seasonal pattern in phytoplankton biomass in low-latitude waters in the South China SeaTseng, C.-M.; Wong, G.T.F.; Lin, I.-I.; Wu, C.-R.; Liu, K.-K.; CHUN-MAO TSENG ; I-I LIN Geophysical Research Letters 139134
72006Accelerated drawdown of meridional overturning in the late-glacial Atlantic triggered by transient pre-H event freshwater perturbationHall, I.R.; Moran, S.B.; Zahn, R.; Knutz, P.C.; Shen, C.-C.; Edwards, R.L.; CHUAN-CHOU SHEN Geophysical Research Letters 8684
82014Active back thrust in the eastern Taiwan suture revealed by the 2013 Rueisuei earthquake: Evidence for a doubly vergent orogenic wedge?Chuang, R.Y.; Johnson, K.M.; Kuo, Y.-T.; Wu, Y.-M.; Chang, C.-H.; Kuo, L.-C.; RAY Y. CHUANG ; YIH-MIN WU Geophysical Research Letters 2020
92009Aerosol impact on the South China Sea biogeochemistry: An early assessment from remote sensingLin, II; Wong, GTF; Lien, CC; Chien, CY; Huang, CW; Chen, JP; JEN-PING CHEN ; I-I LIN Geophysical Research Letters 2522
101994An inquiry into the cirrus‐cloud thermostat effect for tropical sea surface temperatureLau, K.?M.; Sui, C.?H.; Chou, M.?D.; Tao, W.?K.; CHUNG-HSIUNG SUI Geophysical Research Letters 6367
112013An ocean coupling potential intensity index for tropical cyclonesLin, I.-I.; Black, P.; Price, J.F.; Yang, C.-Y.; Chen, S.S.; Lien, C.-C.; Harr, P.; Chi, N.-H.; Wu, C.-C.; D{'; CHUN-CHIEH WU ; I-I LIN Geophysical Research Letters 151150
122009Anomalous biogeochemical conditions in the northern South China Sea during the El-Ni?o events between 1997 and 2003Tseng, C.-M.; Gong, G.-C.; Wang, L.-W.; Liu, K.-K.; Yang, Y.; CHUN-MAO TSENG Geophysical Research Letters 2120
132009Anomalous biogeochemical conditions in the northern South China Sea during the El-Niño events between 1997 and 2003Tseng, C.-M.; Gong, G.-C.; Wang, L.-W.; Liu, K.-K.; Yang, Y.; CHUN-MAO TSENG Geophysical Research Letters 2120
142013Anthropogenic sulfate aerosol and the southward shift of tropical precipitation in the late 20th centuryHwang, Yen-Ting; Frierson, Dargan M. W.; Kang, Sarah M.; YEN-TING HWANG Geophysical Research Letters 195192
152012Assessing surface water consumption using remotely-sensed groundwater, evapotranspiration, and precipitationerson, R.G.; Lo, M.-H.; Famiglietti, J.S.; MIN-HUI LO Geophysical Research Letters 3131
162014Asymmetric responses of land hydroclimatology to two types of El Niño in the Mississippi River BasinLiang, Y.-C.; Lo, M.-H.; Yu, J.-Y.; MIN-HUI LO Geophysical Research Letters 2219
172002Atmospheric 210Po anomaly as a precursor of volcano eruptionsSu, C.-C.; Huh, C.-A.; CHIH-CHIEH SU Geophysical Research Letters 2730
182012Broad-band Rayleigh wave tomography of Taiwan and its implications on gravity anomaliesHuang, T.-Y.; Gung, Y.; Liang, W.-T.; Chiao, L.-Y.; Teng, L.S.; LING-YUN CHIAO ; YUAN-CHENG GUNG ; LOUIS TENG ; Chiao, Ling-Yun Geophysical Research Letters 1615
192014"Category-6" supertyphoon Haiyan in global warming hiatus: Contribution from subsurface ocean warmingLin, I. -I.; Pun, Iam-Fei; Lien, Chun-Chi; I-I LIN Geophysical Research Letters 10797
202005Circulation features associated with the record-breaking typhoon landfall on Japan in 2004Kim, J.-H.; Ho, C.-H.; Sui, C.-H.; CHUNG-HSIUNG SUI Geophysical Research Letters 3743