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120143D bidirectional-channel routing algorithm for network-based many-core embedded systemsTsai, W.-C.; Weng, Y.-Y.; Wei, C.-J.; Chen, S.-J.; Hu, Y.-H.; SAO-JIE CHEN Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering 20
22013An investigation into electrode wear in layer-cut EDM processSong, P.-L.; Chang, Y.-M.; Tsai, Y.-Y.; YAO-YANG TSAI Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering 00
32012Design, implementation, and testing of an M2M-based remote agroecological monitoring system for oriental fruit fly, Bactrocera dorsalis (Hendel)Jiang, J.-A.; Chuang, C.-L.; Tseng, C.-L.; Yang, E.-C.; EN-CHENG YANG ; JOE-AIR JIANG Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering 20
42015Fontcloud: Web font service for personal handwritten, ancient, and unencoded charactersLin, J.-W.; Lin, F.-S.; Wang, Y.-C.; Ho, J.-M.; Chang, R.-I.; RAY-I CHANG Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering 30
52014Particle swarm optimization combined with query-based learning using MapReduceLin, J.-W.; Chi, W.-C.; Chang, R.-I.; RAY-I CHANG Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering 50
62008Pseudo-reverse approach in genetic evolutionManna Sukanya; Liou Cheng-Yuan; CHENG-YUAN LIOU Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering 00
72014Study of the perimeter deposition enhanced Cr<sup>4+</sup> concentration in Cr<sup>4+</sup>:YAG single-clad crystal fiberTsai, C.-N.; Ho, W.-C.; Huang, S.-L.; Liu, S.-K.; Chang, Y.-H.; SHENG-LUNG HUANG Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering 00
82014Thermal manipulation utilizing micro-cantilever probe in scanning electron microscopyWEN-PIN SHIH Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering 00