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12013A Woman's secretYU-FEN WANG; KAO-LANG LIUAnnals of Emergency Medicine 54
22007Appropriate Statistical Treatment of Frequent Emergency Department Visits in Health Services ResearchCHU-LIN TSAIAnnals of Emergency Medicine 65
32012Comparison of the test characteristics of procalcitonin to C-reactive protein and leukocytosis for the detection of serious bacterial infections in children presenting with fever without source: A systematic review and meta-analysisCHIEN-CHANG LEEAnnals of Emergency Medicine 7785
42007Delayed Fluid Resuscitation in Hemorrhagic Shock Induces Proinflammatory Cytokine ResponseWEN-CHU CHIANG; SHYR-CHYR CHEN; ZUI-SHEN YEN; CHIEN-CHANG LEE; SHEY-YING CHEN; WEN-JONE CHENAnnals of Emergency Medicine 4037
52001Disaster epidemiology and medical response in the Chi-Chi earthquake in TaiwanFUH-YUAN SHIHAnnals of Emergency Medicine 7661
62004Ecstasy and acute myocardial infarction [4] (multiple letters)CHENG-CHUNG FANGAnnals of Emergency Medicine 21
72004Facing an outbreak of highly transmissible disease: Problems in emergency department response [6] (multiple letters)MATTHEW HUEI-MING MA; SHYR-CHYR CHEN; WEN-CHU CHIANG; SHEY-YING CHEN; WEN-JONE CHENAnnals of Emergency Medicine 46
82003Factors associated with severity of motorcycle injuries among young adult ridersLin, Mau-Roung; SHU-HUI CHANG ; Chang, Shu-Hui ; Huang, Wenzheng; Hwang, Hei-Fen; Pai, LuAnnals of Emergency Medicine 6769
92006Gastroduodenal corrosive injury after oral zinc oxide [4]CHEN-HUA LIU; PEI-MING YANG; FENG-CHIAO TSAIAnnals of Emergency Medicine 10
102008Images in Emergency MedicineCHIEN-CHANG LEEAnnals of Emergency Medicine 02
112005Images in Emergency MedicineSHYR-CHYR CHEN; CHIEN-CHANG LEEAnnals of Emergency Medicine 32
122007In replySHYR-CHYR CHEN; CHIEN-CHANG LEEAnnals of Emergency Medicine 00
132007Initial Serum Glucose Level as a Prognostic Factor in the First Acute Myocardial InfarctionHsu, CW; Hsu, Chin-Wang; HSIU-HSI CHEN ; KUO-LIONG CHIEN ; Chen, HH; Chen, Hsiu Hsi ; Sheu, WHH; Sheu, Wayne H.-H.; Chu, SJ; Chu, Shi-Jye; Shen, YS; Shen, Ying-Sheng; Wu, Chin-Pyng; Wu, CP; Chien, Kuo-Liong ; Chien, KL.Annals of Emergency Medicine 1921
142008Key Features of the Patient-Tailored N-Acetylcysteine ProtocolCHENG-CHUNG FANG; CHU-LIN TSAIAnnals of Emergency Medicine 32
152006Misinterpretation of ECG in acute myocardial infarction [3]CHIH-CHENG WU Annals of Emergency Medicine 11
162017Modifiable Factors Associated With Survival After Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest in the Pan-Asian Resuscitation Outcomes StudyMATTHEW HUEI-MING MAAnnals of Emergency Medicine 2128
172015Patient selection is critical in rate or rhythm control of atrial fibrillation or flutterYEN-WEN WUAnnals of Emergency Medicine 00
182007Periorbital Necrotizing Fasciitis and Orbital Apex Syndrome as a Delayed But Emergent Complication of Silicone Nasal AugmentationKAI-CHIEN YANGAnnals of Emergency Medicine 77
192004Predictive Model of Diagnosing Probable Cases of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome in Febrile Patients with Exposure RiskMATTHEW HUEI-MING MA; FUH-YUAN SHIH; SHYR-CHYR CHEN; WEN-CHU CHIANG; ZUI-SHEN YEN; SHEY-YING CHEN; WEN-JONE CHENAnnals of Emergency Medicine 1718
202009S3 Detection as a Diagnostic and Prognostic Aid in Emergency Department Patients With Acute DyspneaCHIEN-HUA HUANG; WEN-JONE CHENAnnals of Emergency Medicine 4441