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12014Amniotic fluid stem cells prevent follicle atresia and rescue fertility of mice with premature ovarian failure induced by chemotherapyXiao, G.-Y.; Liu, I.-H.; Cheng, C.-C.; Chang, C.-C.; Lee, Y.-H.; Cheng, W.T.-K.; Wu, S.-C.; I-HSUAN LIU ; SHINN-CHIH WU PloS one 7369
22021Citizen journalism reduces the credibility deficit of authoritarian government in risk communication amid COVID-19 outbreaksSheen, Greg Chih-Hsin; Tung Han Pu ; Wu, Wen-ChinPLoS ONE 55
32016Does Temporal Integration Occur for Unrecognizable Words in Visual Crowding?Zhou, Jifan; Lee, Chia-Lin; Li, Kuei-An; Tien, Yung-Hsuan; Yeh, Su-Ling; CHIA-LIN LEE ; SU-LING YEH PloS one 74
42014Identification of scleractinian coral recruits using fluorescent censusing and DNA barcoding techniquesVIANNEY DENIS PloS one 1618
52013Rapid Immune Colloidal Gold Strip for Cetacean Meat Restraining Illegal Trade and Consumption: Implications for Conservation and Public HealthLo, Chieh; Chin, Li-Te; Chu, Chi-Shih; Wang, Yu-Ting; Chan, Kin-Wei; Yang, Wei-cheng PloS one 77
62013Transcription of Tnfaip3 is regulated by NF-κB and p38 via C/EBPβ in activated macrophages.LI-CHUNG HSU PloS one 
72013Transcription of Tnfaip3 is regulated by NF-κB and p38 via C/EBPβ in activated macrophages.LIANG-CHUAN LAIPloS one