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120114,4 ,4 -Tris(acetoxymethylene)triphenylamine: An Efficient Photoacid Promoted Chemical Cross-Linker for Polyvinylcarbozole and Its Applications for Photolithographic Hole-Transport MaterialsWang, Yu-Xun; Leung, Man-kit Macromolecules 
22006A new class of high Tg and organosoluble aromatic poly(amine-1,3,4-oxadiazole)s containing donor and acceptor moieties for blue-light-emitting materialsLiou, G.-S.; Hsiao, S.-H.; Chen, W.-C.; Yen, H.-J.; GUEY-SHENG LIOU ; WEN-CHANG CHEN Macromolecules 
32014A new ladder-type germanium-bridged dithienocarbazole arene and its donor-acceptor conjugated copolymers: Synthesis, molecular properties, and photovoltaic applicationsJwo, P.-C.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Tsai, C.-E.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Liang, W.-W.; Hsu, C.-S.; Cheng, Y.-J.; YU-YING LAI Macromolecules 
42013A new pentacyclic indacenodiselenophene arene and its donor-acceptor copolymers for solution-processable polymer solar cells and transistors: Synthesis, characterization, and investigation of alkyl/alkoxy side-chain effectChang, H.-H.; Tsai, C.-E.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Liang, W.-W.; Hsu, S.-L.; Hsu, C.-S.; Cheng, Y.-J.; YU-YING LAI Macromolecules 
52007A novel electrochromic polymer synthesized through electropolymerization of a new donor-acceptor bipolar systemNatera, J.; Otero, L.; Sereno, L.; Fungo, F.; Wang, N.-S.; Tsai, Y.-M.; Hwu, T.-Y.; Wong, K.-T.; KEN-TSUNG WONG Macromolecules 
61995Acetone absorption in irradiated polycarbonateWu, T.; Lee, S.; Chen, W.-C.; WEN-CHANG CHEN Macromolecules 
72015Angular-Shaped 4,10-Dialkylanthradiselenophene and Its Donor-Acceptor Conjugated Polymers: Synthesis, Physical, Transistor, and Photovoltaic PropertiesLai, Y.-Y.; Chang, H.-H.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Liang, W.-W.; Tsai, C.-E.; Cheng, Y.-J.; YU-YING LAI Macromolecules 
82015Biaxially Extended Conjugated Polymers with Thieno[3,2-b]thiophene Building Block for High Performance Field-Effect Transistor ApplicationsChao, P.-Y.; Wu, H.-C.; Lu, C.; Hong, C.-W.; Chen, W.-C.; WEN-CHANG CHEN Macromolecules 
92012Biaxially extended quaterthiophene- and octithiophene-vinylene conjugated polymers for high performance field effect transistors and photovoltaic cellsLu, C.; Wu, H.C.; Chiu, Y.C.; Lee, W.Y.; Chen, W.C.; WEN-CHANG CHEN Macromolecules 
102011Biaxially extended thiophene-fused thiophene conjugated copolymers for high performance field effect transistorsLin, C.-J.; Lee, W.-Y.; Lu, C.; Lin, H.-W.; Chen, W.-C.; WEN-CHANG CHEN Macromolecules 
112003Chiral silylene-spaced divinylarene copolymersCheng, Y.-J.; Liang, H.; Luh, T.-Y.; TIEN-YAU LUH Macromolecules 
122012Cis, isotactic selective ROMP of norbornenes fused with N-arylpyrrolidines. double stranded polynorbornene-based ladderphanes with Z-double bondsZhu, L.; Flook, M.M.; Lee, S.-L.; Chan, L.-W.; Huang, S.-L.; Chiu, C.-W.; Chen, C.-H.; Schrock, R.R.; Luh, T.-Y.; CHING-WEN CHIU ; TIEN-YAU LUH ; CHUN-HSIEN CHEN Macromolecules 
132004Conformational change of trifunctional poly(oxypropylene)amines intercalated within a layered silicate confinementChou, C.-C.; Chang, Y.-C.; Chiang, M.-L.; Lin, J.-J.; JIANG-JEN LIN Macromolecules 
142018Control over Molecular Architectures of Carbohydrate-Based Block Copolymers for Stretchable Electrical Memory DevicesSHIH-HUANG TUNG; SHIH-HUANG TUNG Macromolecules 
152018Control over Molecular Architectures of Carbohydrate-Based Block Copolymers for Stretchable Electrical Memory DevicesHung, C.-C.; Nakahira, S.; Chiu, Y.-C.; Isono, T.; Wu, H.-C.; Watanabe, K.; Chiang, Y.-C.; Takashima, S.; Borsali, R.; Tung, S.-H.; Satoh, T.; Chen, W.-C. Macromolecules 
162014Controlling the orientation of pendants in two-dimensional comblike polymers by varying stiffness of polymeric backbonesLin, N.-T.; Satyanarayana, K.; Chen, C.-H.; Tsai, Y.-F.; Yu, S.S.-F.; Chan, S.I.; Luh, T.-Y.; TIEN-YAU LUH Macromolecules 
172008Coupling of FRET and photoinduced electron transfer in regioregular silylene-spaced energy donor-acceptor-electron donor copolymersWang, H.-W.; Yeh, M.-Y.; Chen, C.-H.; Lim, T.-S.; Fann, W.; Luh, T.-Y.; TIEN-YAU LUH Macromolecules 
181993Dipolar relaxation in a second-order nonlinear optical interpenetrating polymer networkChen, J.I.; Marturunkakul, s.; Li, L.; Jeng, R.J.; Kumar, J.; Tripathy, S.K.; RU-JONG JENG Macromolecules 
192018Dual Stimuli-Responsive Nucleobase-Functionalized Polymeric Systems as Efficient Tools for Manipulating Micellar Self-Assembly BehaviorGebeyehu B.T.; Huang S.-Y.; Lee A.-W.; Chen J.-K.; Lai J.-Y.; Lee D.-J. ; Cheng C.-C.Macromolecules 
201996Effect of chain stiffness on polymer phase behaviorSheng, Y.-J.; Panagiotopoulos, A.Z.; Kumar, S.K.; YU-JANE SHENG Macromolecules