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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12014Bioactivity and characterization of exudates from Cryptomeria japonica barkCheng, S.-S.; Chang, S.-T.; SHANG-TZEN CHANG Wood Science and Technology 811
22008Effects of intumescent formulation for acrylic-based coating on flame-retardancy of painted red lauan (Parashorea spp.) thin plywoodChuang, C.-S.; Tsai, K.-C.; Wang, M.-K.; Ou, C.-C.; Ko, C.-H.; Shiau, I.-L.; CHUN-HAN KO Wood Science and Technology 2421
32018Effects of temperature-induced strain on creep behavior of wood�Vplastic compositesFeng-Cheng Chang; Frank Lam; FENG-CHENG CHANG Wood Science and Technology 23
42016Environmentally-benign treatments for inhibiting the release of aqueous extracts from merbau heartwoodHsiao, N.-C.; Chang, T.-C.; Hsu, F.-L.; Chang, S.-T.; SHANG-TZEN CHANG Wood Science and Technology 44
52015Exploitation of Acacia confusa heartwood extract as natural photostabilizersChang, T.-C.; Hsiao, N.-C.; Yu, P.-C.; Chang, S.-T.; SHANG-TZEN CHANG Wood Science and Technology 1215
62014Mechanism of decay resistance of heartwood extracts from Acacia confusa against the brown rot fungus Laetiporus sulphureusChen, P.-S.; Y.-H. Chen; T.-F. Yeh; Chang, S.-T.; SHANG-TZEN CHANG ; TING-FENG YEH Wood Science and Technology 712
71982Participation of singlet oxygen in the photodegradation of wood surfacesHon, D. N. S.; Chang, S. T.; Feist, W. C.; SHANG-TZEN CHANG Wood Science and Technology 3339
82004Properties of wood plasticization with octanoyl chloride in a solvent-free systemWu, J. H.; Hsieh, T. Y.; Lin, H. Y.; Shiau, I. L.; Chang, S. T.; SHANG-TZEN CHANG Wood Science and Technology 1615
92013Using master curves based on time-temperature superposition principle to predict creep strains of wood-plastic compositesChang, F.-C.; Lam, F.; Kadla, J.F.; FENG-CHENG CHANG Wood Science and Technology 1621