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12007Apolipoprotein B and non-high density lipoprotein cholesterol and the risk of coronary heart disease in ChineseChien, Kuo-Liong ; TA-CHEN SU; KUO-LIONG CHIEN ; Hsu, Hsiu-Ching; Su, Ta-Chen; Chen, Ming-Fong ; Lee, Yuan-Teh; Hu, Frank B.Journal of Lipid Research 7174
22004Lipoprotein-X reduces LDL atherogenicity in primary biliary cirrhosis by preventing LDL oxidationTA-CHEN SUJournal of Lipid Research 6566
32013Ovarian granulosa cells utilize scavenger receptor SR-BI to evade cellular cholesterol homeostatic control for steroid synthesisLai, W.-A.; Yeh, Y.-T.; Lee, M.-T.; Wu, L.-S.; Ke, F.-C.; Hwang, J.-J.; LEANG-SHIN WU Journal of Lipid Research 1110
42017Prognostic roles of tetrahydroxy bile acids in infantile intrahepatic cholestasisHONG-YUAN HSU; MEI-HWEI CHANG; Yen-Hsuan NiJournal of Lipid Research 712
52017Prognostic roles of tetrahydroxy bile acids in infantile intrahepatic cholestasis.JIA-FENG WU Journal of Lipid Research 
62013Prostaglandin reductase-3 negatively modulates adipogenesis through regulation of PPARγ activityYI-CHENG CHANG ; LEE-MING CHUANGJournal of Lipid Research 48