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12009A thermal emitter with selective wavelength: Based on the coupling between photonic crystals and surface plasmon polaritonsYANG-FANG CHEN Journal of Applied Physics 98
22001AlxGa1-xGaN band offsets determined by deep-level emissionYANG-FANG CHEN Journal of Applied Physics 6457
32009Characterization of nonlinear absorption of InN epitaxial films with femtosecond pulsed transmission Z -scan measurementsYANG-FANG CHEN Journal of Applied Physics 86
42001Coherent versus incoherent dynamics in InAs quantum-dot active wave guidesBorri, P.; Langbein, W.; Hvam, J.M.; Heinrichsdorff, F.; Mao, M.-H.; Bimberg, D.; MING-HUA MAO Journal of Applied Physics 22
52001Dielectric studies of Cd1-x-yZnxMnyTe crystalsLin, H.M.; Chen, Y.F.; Shen, J.L.; Chou, W.C.; YANG-FANG CHEN Journal of Applied Physics 3733
61999Dielectric studies of Zn1-xMnxSe epilayersSu, J.S.; Wang, J.C.; Chen, Y.F.; Shen, J.L.; Chou, W.C.; YANG-FANG CHEN Journal of Applied Physics 7
71996Effect of disorder-induced band mixing on the conduction-band effective mass of InAIGaAs alloys lattice matched to InPYANG-FANG CHEN Journal of Applied Physics 1111
81996Effective mass of two-dimensional electron gas in δ-doped Al0.48In0.52As/Ga0.47In0.53As quantum wellsYANG-FANG CHEN Journal of Applied Physics 6
91996Enhancement of conduction-band effective mass in III-V semiconductor alloys induced by chemical disorderYANG-FANG CHEN Journal of Applied Physics 55
101995Evolution of photoluminescence of porous silicon under light exposureChang, I.M.; Chuo, G.S.; Chang, D.C.; Chen, Y.F.; YANG-FANG CHEN Journal of Applied Physics 2725
112002Experimental and theoretical study of the electronic structures of Ni <inf>3</inf>Al, Ni <inf>3</inf>Ga, Ni <inf>3</inf>In, and NiGaHsu, L.-S.; Wang, Y.-K.; Guo, G.Y.; GUANG-YU GUO Journal of Applied Physics 2422
121999Growth and photoluminescence study of ZnTe quantum dotsYANG-FANG CHEN Journal of Applied Physics 18
132006Influence of hydrogenation on surface morphologies, transport, and optical properties of InN epifilmsYANG-FANG CHEN Journal of Applied Physics 1411
142002Interface characterization and thermal stability of Co/Al-O/CoFe spin-dependent tunnel junctionsLin, M. T.; Ho, C. H.; Yao, Y. D.; Huang, R. T.; Liao, C. C.; Chen, F. R.; Kai, J. J.; MINN-TSONG LIN Journal of Applied Physics 99
151994Morphologies and photoluminescence of porous silicon under different etching and oxidation conditionsYANG-FANG CHEN Journal of Applied Physics 4741
162002Nonlinear behaviors of valence-band splitting and deformation potential in dilute GaN xAs 1-x alloysYa, M.H.; Chen, Y.F.; Huang, Y.S.; YANG-FANG CHEN Journal of Applied Physics 2826
172006Optical anisotropy induced by pyramidal defects in Mg-doped AlGaN/GaN superlatticesYANG-FANG CHEN Journal of Applied Physics 00
182009Optical enhancement in nanoparticle-decorated ZnO nanorodsYANG-FANG CHEN Journal of Applied Physics 22
191999Optical properties of Si-doped GaN filmsYANG-FANG CHEN Journal of Applied Physics 2019
202001Optical transmission spectroscopy of semi-insulating GaAs substrate implanted by arsenic ions at different dosagesLin, G.-R.; Hsu, C.-C.; GONG-RU LIN Journal of Applied Physics 32