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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12014A study of quota-based dynamic network selection for multimode terminal usersY.-L. Chung; Z. Tsai; C.-H. Yang; ZSEHONG TSAI IEEE Systems Journal 44
22014A systematic spatiotemporal modeling framework for characterizing traffic dynamics using hierarchical gaussian mixture modeling and entropy analysisHsu, C.-M.; Lian, F.-L.; Huang, C.-M.; FENG-LI LIAN IEEE Systems Journal 44
32015Availability Is Not Enough: Minimizing Joint Response Time in Peer-Assisted Cloud Storage SystemsChen, M.; Tung, Y.; Hung, S.; Lin, K. C.; Chou, C.; SHIH-HAO HUNG IEEE Systems Journal 54
42017High-Dimensional CSI Acquisition in Massive MIMO: Sparsity-Inspired ApproachesJ.C. Shen; J. Zhang; K. Letaief; K.C. Chen; KWANG-CHENG CHEN IEEE Systems Journal 2724
52012Model-based development of user-centric automation and assistive devices/systemsChen, T.-Y.; Huang, Y.-C.; Chou, T.-S.; Shih, C.-S.; Liu, J.W.S.; CHI-SHENG SHIH IEEE Systems Journal 32
62015On the Capacity of Smart Grid Wireless Backhaul With Delay Guarantee and Packet ConcatenationT.-C. Lee; Z. Tsai; ZSEHONG TSAI IEEE Systems Journal 01
72014Privacy-Preserving Power Request in Smart Grid NetworksC. M. Yu; C. Y. Chen; S. Y. Kuo; H. C. Chao; SY-YEN KUO IEEE Systems Journal 2819
82015QoS/QoE Support for H.264/AVC Video Stream in IEEE 802.11ac WLANsC. Chang; H. Yen; C. Lin; D. Deng; HSU-CHUN YEN IEEE Systems Journal 1511
92010Rapid Prototyping for Wildlife and Ecological MonitoringJyh-How Huang; Ying-Yu Chen; Yu-Te Huang; Po-Yen Lin; Yi-Chao Chen; Yi-Fu Lin; Shih-ChingYen; Polly Huang; Ling-Jyh Chen; POLLY HUANG IEEE Systems Journal 2217
102012Rate and quality control with embedded coding for mobile robot with visual patrolLian, F.-L.; Lin, Y.-C.; Kuo, C.-T.; Jean, J.-H.; FENG-LI LIAN IEEE Systems Journal 1010
112010Smart Medication Dispenser: Design, Architecture and ImplementationTsai, P.-H.; Chen, T.-Y.; Yu, C.-R.; Shih, C.-S.; Liu, J.W.S.; CHI-SHENG SHIH IEEE Systems Journal 3011