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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12014An ionic-polymer-metallic composite actuator for reconfigurable antennas in mobile devicesLin, Y.-C.; Yu, C.-Y.; Li, C.-M.; Liu, C.-H.; Chen, J.-P.; TAH HSIUNG CHU ; GUO-DUNG JOHN SU Sensors (Switzerland) 77
22012Design and fabrication of a large-stroke deformable mirror using a gear-shape ionic-conductive polymer metal compositeWei, H.-C.; GUO-DUNG JOHN SU Sensors (Switzerland) 77
32015Electrothermally-actuated micromirrors with bimorph actuators—bending-type and torsion-typeTsai, C.-H.; Tsai, C.-W.; Chang, H.-T.; Liu, S.-H.; Tsai, J.-C.; JUI-CHE TSAI Sensors (Switzerland) 1511
42012Experimental investigation of the cross-sensitivity and size effects of polyvinylidene fluoride film sensors on modal testingChuang, K.-C.; Ma, C.-C.; Liou, H.-C.; CHIEN-CHING MA Sensors (Switzerland) 1110
52013Long-wavelength infrared sensing by cytochrome C protein thin film deposited by the spin coating methodLai, B.-Y.; Chu, C.-H.; GUO-DUNG JOHN SU Sensors (Switzerland) 44
62016Microfluidic surface plasmon resonance sensors: From principles to point-of-care applicationsSHIH-KANG FAN Sensors (Switzerland) 9479
72013A novel sensor platform matching the improved version of IPMVP option C for measuring energy savingsTseng Y.-C.; Lee D.-S.; Lin C.-F. ; Chang C.-Y.Sensors (Switzerland) 1210
82014Post-impact fatigue damage monitoring using fiber bragg grating sensorsShin, C.-S.; Liaw, S.-K.; Yang, S.-W.; CHOW-SHING SHIN Sensors (Switzerland) 1613
92013Sensing Performance of Precisely Ordered TiO2 Nanowire Gas Sensors Fabricated by Electron-Beam LithographyWei-Cheng Tian; Yu-Hsuan Ho; Chao-Hao Chen; Chun-Yen Kuo; WEI-CHENG TIAN Sensors (Switzerland) 10596
102015Temporal and spatial denoising of depth mapsLin, B.-S.; Su, M.-J.; Cheng, P.-H.; Tseng, P.-J.; Chen, S.-J.; SAO-JIE CHEN Sensors (Switzerland) 1513
112012Using an SU-8 photoresist structure and cytochrome c thin film sensing material for a microbolometerLai, J.-L.; Liao, C.-J.; GUO-DUNG JOHN SU Sensors (Switzerland) 1616
122014Using bio-functionalized magnetic nanoparticles and dynamic nuclear magnetic resonance to characterize the time-dependent spin-spin relaxation time for sensitive bio-detectionLiao, S.-H.; Chen, K.-L.; Wang, C.-M.; Chieh, J.-J.; Horng, H.-E.; Wang, L.-M.; Wu, C.H.; Yang, H.-C.; LI-MIN WANG Sensors (Switzerland) 1210