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12012A bayesian network meta-analysis on comparisons of enamel matrix derivatives, guided tissue regeneration and their combination therapiesYU-KANG TU journal article7779
22007A community-based epidemiological study of periodontal disease in Keelung, Taiwan: A model from Keelung community-based integrated screening programme (KCIS No. 18)HSIU-HSI CHEN journal article3131
32010A cost-effectiveness evaluation of enamel matrix derivatives alone or in conjunction with regenerative devices in the treatment of periodontal intra-osseous defectsYU-KANG TU journal article2525
42009A population-based study on the association between type 2 diabetes and periodontal disease in 12,123 middle-aged Taiwanese (KCIS No. 21)HSIU-HSI CHEN journal article2928
52015A prediction model for periodontal disease: Modelling and validation from a National Survey of 4061 Taiwanese adultsHSIU-HSI CHEN journal article1313
62017A retrospective study on periodontal disease progression in private practiceYU-KANG TU journal article1013
72014A systematic review and Bayesian network meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials on non-surgical treatments for peri-implantitisYU-KANG TU journal article2422
82011Clinical and radiographic outcomes following non-surgical therapy of periodontal infrabony defects: A retrospective studyYU-KANG TU journal article2729
92017Comparisons of periodontal regenerative therapies: A meta-analysis on the long-term efficacyYU-KANG TU journal article88
102015Cost-effectiveness of non-surgical peri-implantitis treatmentsYU-KANG TU journal article53
112010Do bone grafts or barrier membranes provide additional treatment effects for infrabony lesions treated with enamel matrix derivatives? A network meta-analysis of randomized-controlled trialsYU-KANG TU journal article5052
122013Effects of smoking cessation on the outcomes of non-surgical periodontal therapy: A systematic review and individual patient data meta-analysisYU-KANG TU journal article5655
132006Evaluating the quality of activecontrol trials in periodontal researchYU-KANG TU journal article1210
142017Host genetics role in the pathogenesis of periodontal disease and cariesYU-KANG TU journal article1517
152013In-office treatment for dentin hypersensitivity: A systematic review and network meta-analysisYU-KANG TU ; Lin, Po-Yen; CHUN-PIN LIN ; Cheng, Ya-Wen; KUO-LIONG CHIEN ; Chu, Chia-Yi; Chien, Kuo-Liong ; Lin, Chun-Pin ; Tu, Yu-Kang journal article4540
162008Is there a temporal trend in the reported treatment efficacy of periodontal regeneration? A meta-analysis of randomized-controlled trialsYU-KANG TU journal article2022
172015Linear mixed model approach to network meta-analysis for continuous outcomes in periodontal researchYU-KANG TU journal article77
182010Meta-regression analysis of the initial bone height for predicting implant survival rates of two sinus elevation proceduresYU-KANG TU ; HSIU-HSI CHEN ; Chao, Yueh-Ling; Chen, Hsiu-His; Mei, Chih-Chun; Tu, Yu-Kang ; Lu, Hsein-Kunjournal article3333
192015Minimally invasive non-surgical approach for the treatment of periodontal intrabony defects: A retrospective analysisYU-KANG TU journal article1413
202014Outcomes of autotransplanted teeth with complete root formation: A systematic review and meta-analysisYU-KANG TU journal article4146