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12010Algebraic independence of arithmetic gamma values and Carlitz zeta valuesJING YU ; Chang, Chieh-Yu; Papanikolas, Matthew A.; Thakur, Dinesh S.; Yu, Jing journal article32
22008An optimal boundedness on weak Q-Fano 3-foldsJUNG-KAI CHEN journal article67
32015Convergence rate, location and ∂z2 condition for fully bubbling solutions to SU(n+1) Toda systemsCHANG-SHOU LIN journal article21
42007Determination of algebraic relations among special zeta values in positive characteristicJING YU ; Chang, C. Y.; Yu, J.; CHANG, JIA-HOW; WENG, TE-I; �i�a�� journal article2423
52016Dirac spectral flow on contact three manifolds II: Thurston-Winkelnkemper contact formsCHUNG-JUN TSAI journal article00
62013Frobenius groups and retract rationalityMING-CHANG KANG journal article11
72017Irregular varieties with geometric genus one, theta divisors, and fake toriJUNG-KAI CHEN journal article00
82006Noether's problem for metacyclic p-groupsMING-CHANG KANG journal article1615
92011Noether's problem for p-groups with a cyclic subgroup of index p2Kang, Ming-chang ; MING-CHANG KANG journal article1313
102004Rationality problem of GL4 group actionsMING-CHANG KANG journal article1112
112015Varieties fibred over abelian varieties with fibres of log general typeJUNG-KAI CHEN journal article65