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12017Administration of Hypertonic Solutions for Hemorrhagic Shock: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Clinical TrialsSHYR-CHYR CHEN; CHIEN-CHANG LEE; MENG-CHE WUAnesthesia and analgesia 
22012Dexmedetomidine prevents alterations of intestinal microcirculation that are induced by surgical stress and pain in a novel rat model.Yeh, Yu-Chang; Sun, Wei-Zen; Ko, Wen-Je; Chan, Wing-Sum; Fan, Shou-Zen; Tsai, Jui-Chang; Lin, Tzu-Yu; JUI-CHANG TSAI; Yeh, Yu-Chang; SHOU-ZEN FAN; Sun, Wei-Zen; Ko, Wen-Je; WEI-ZEN SUN; Chan, Wing-Sum; YU-CHANG YEH; Chang, Chung-I; Fan, Shou-Zen; Tsai, Jui-Chang; Lin, Tzu-YuAnesthesia and analgesia