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12014Ammonium assists orthophosphate removal from high-strength wastewaters by natural zeoliteLin L.; Wan C.; Lee D.-J. ; Lei Z.; Liu X.Separation and Purification Technology 6155
22019A drying-free and one-step process for the preparation of siloxane/CS mixed-matrix membranes with outstanding ethanol dehydration performancesLin Y.-F.; Ho J.-C.; Andrew Lin K.-Y.; Tung K.-L. ; Chung T.-W.; Lee C.-C.Separation and Purification Technology 99
32003Effect of the coordination number of the pore-network on the transport and deposition of particles in porous mediaChen S.-C.; Lee E.K.C. ; Chang Y.-I.Separation and Purification Technology 1419
42009Enhanced treatment of coke plant wastewater using an anaerobic-anoxic-oxic membrane bioreactor systemZhao W.-t.; Huang X.; Lee D.-J. Separation and Purification Technology 11293
52013Mesoporous carbon aerogel membrane for phospholipid removal from Jatropha curcas oilHsu S.-H.; Lin Y.-F.; Chung T.-W.; Wei T.-Y.; Lu S.-Y.; Tung K.-L. ; Liu K.-T.Separation and Purification Technology 2421
62013Mineralization of bisphenol A by catalytic ozonation over aluminaKeykavoos, R.; Mankidy, R.; Ma, H.; Jones, P.; Soltan, J.; HWONG-WEN MA Separation and Purification Technology 4235
72018Optimization of resin wafer electrodeionization for brackish water desalinationXin-Yu Zheng; SHU-YUAN PAN ; Po-Chih Tseng; Huai-Li Zheng; PEN-CHI CHIANG Separation and Purification Technology 3226
82015Prussian blue non-woven filter for cesium removal from drinking waterChen G.-R.; Chang Y.-R.; Liu X.; Kawamoto T.; Tanaka H.; Parajuli D.; Chen M.-L.; Lo Y.-K.; Lei Z.; Lee D.-J. Separation and Purification Technology 4642
92010Purification of aluminum tridecamer salt using organic solvent precipitationLin Y.-F.; Lee D.-J. Separation and Purification Technology 109
102019Rapid and efficient recovery of C-phycocyanin from highly turbid Spirulina platensis algae using stirred fluidized bed ion exchange chromatographyChen K.-H.; Wang S.S.-S. ; Show P.-L.; Hsu S.-L.; Chang Y.-K.Separation and Purification Technology 2322
112007Recovery of copper and chelating agents from sludge extracting solutionsChang, Fang-Chih; Lo, Shang-Lien; Ko, Chun-Han; CHUN-HAN KO ; Chang, Fang-Chih; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Ko, Chun-Han Separation and Purification Technology 4338
122011Reduction of hexachlorobenzene by nanoscale zero-valent iron: Kinetics, pH effect, and degradation mechanismShih, Y. H.; Hsu, C. Y.; Su, Y. F.; YANG-HSIN SHIH Separation and Purification Technology 00
332000Removal of tar base from coal tar aromatics employing solid acid adsorbentsWu, J.C.-S.; Sung, H.-C.; Lin, Y.-F.; Lin, S.-L.; Wu, Jeffrey Chi-Sheng; Sung, Hsueh-Chang; Lin, Yu-Fu; Lin, Shi-Long; JEFFREY CHI-SHENG WU ; Wu, Jeffrey Chi-Sheng ; Sung, Hsueh-Chang; Lin, Yu-Fu; Lin, Shi-LongSeparation and Purification Technology 1310