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12013A stirring packed-bed reactor to enhance the esterification-transesterification in biodiesel production by lowering mass-transfer resistanceLi, Z.-H.; Lin, P.-H.; Wu, J.C.S.; Huang, Y.-T.; Lin, K.-S.; Wu, K.C.-W.; KEVIN CHIA-WEN WU ; JEFFREY CHI-SHENG WU Chemical Engineering Journal 3026
22013Adsorption behavior of As(III) onto a copper ferrite generated from printed circuit board industryTu, Yao-Jen; You, Chen-Feng; Chang, Chien-Kuei; Wang, Shan-Li; Chan, Ting-Shan; SHAN-LI WANG Chemical Engineering Journal 3938
32015Amphiphilic compounds enhance the dechlorination of pentachlorophenol with Ni/Fe bimetallic nanoparticlesLin, C. H.; Shih, Y. H.; MacFarlane, J.; YANG-HSIN SHIH Chemical Engineering Journal 4742
42014An innovative method to quickly and simply prepare TiO2 nanorod arrays and improve their performance in photo water splittingSu, Yuh-fan; Lee, Mong-chieh; Wang, Guan-bo; Shih, Yang-hsin; YANG-HSIN SHIH Chemical Engineering Journal 00
52012Arsenate adsorption from water using a novel fabricated copper ferriteTu, Y.-J.; You, C.-F.; Chang, C.-K.; Wang, S.-L.; Chan, T.-S.; SHAN-LI WANG Chemical Engineering Journal 6360
62008Artificial neural network to predict the growth of the indigenous Acidthiobacillus thiooxidansLiu, H.-L.; Yang, F.-C.; Lin, H.-Y.; Huang, C.-H.; Fang, H.-W.; Tsai, W.-B.; Cheng, Y.-C.; WEI-BOR TSAI Chemical Engineering Journal 1315
72011Ballast waters treatment using UV/Ag-TiO 2 +O 3 advanced oxidation process with Escherichia coli and Vibrio alginolyticus as indicator microorganismsWu D.; You H.; Zhang R.; Chen C.; Lee D.-J. Chemical Engineering Journal 3634
82009Bimetallic Rh-Ni/BN catalyst for methane reforming with CO2Wu, J.C.S.; Chou, H.-C.; JEFFREY CHI-SHENG WU Chemical Engineering Journal 10093
92012Chromium(VI) reactions of polysaccharide biopolymersLin, Y.-C.; Wang, S.-L.; SHAN-LI WANG Chemical Engineering Journal 3536
102010Continuous production of biodiesel in a packed-bed reactor using shell-core structural Ca(C3H7O3)2/CaCO3 catalystHsieh, L.-S.; Kumar, U.; Wu, J.C.S.; JEFFREY CHI-SHENG WU Chemical Engineering Journal 6866
112012Direct gas-phase photocatalytic epoxidation of propylene with molecular oxygen by photocatalystsNguyen, V.-H.; Chan, H.-Y.; Wu, J.C.S.; Bai, H.; JEFFREY CHI-SHENG WU Chemical Engineering Journal 2826
122012Fixed bed adsorption of As(III) on iron-oxide-coated natural rock (IOCNR) and application to real arsenic-bearing groundwaterCHEN-WUING LIU Chemical Engineering Journal 4949
132011Flash synthesis of carbohydrate derivatives in chaotic microreactorsChen, Yu-Tzu; Chen, Kuan-Hong; Fang, Wei-Feng; Tsai, Sheng-Hung; Fang, Jim-Min; Yang, Jing-Tang; JIM-MIN FANG ; Yang, Jing-Tang Chemical Engineering Journal 1817
142016An innovative of aerobic bio-entrapped salt marsh sediment membrane reactor for the treatment of high-saline pharmaceutical wastewaterNg K.K.; Shi X.; Ong S.L.; Lin C.-F. ; Ng H.Y.Chemical Engineering Journal 6359
152016An internal-illuminated monolith photoreactor towards efficient photocatalytic degradation of ppb-level isopropyl alcoholLu K.-T.; Nguyen V.-H.; Yu Y.-H.; Yu C.-C.; Wu J.C.S. ; Chang L.-M.; Lin A.Y.-C.Chemical Engineering Journal 3430
162012Microflow synthesis of saccharide nucleoside diphosphate with cross-coupling reactions of monophosphate componentsChen, K.-H.; Fang, W.-F.; Chen, Y.-T.; Fang, J.-M.; Yang, J.-T.; JIM-MIN FANG Chemical Engineering Journal 44
172008Novel BN supported bi-metal catalyst for oxydehydrogenation of propaneWu, J.C.S.; Lin, S.-J.; Wu, Jeffrey Chi-Sheng; Lin, Shang-Jie; Wu, Jeffrey Chi-Sheng ; JEFFREY CHI-SHENG WU ; Lin, Shang-JieChemical Engineering Journal 2523
182011Ozonation of guaiacol solution in a rotating packed bedKo, C.-H.; Guan, C.-Y.; Lu, P.-J.; Chern, J.-M.; CHUN-HAN KO Chemical Engineering Journal 2218
192017Performance and microbial community analysis of a microaerophilic sulfate and nitrate co-reduction systemXu X.-J.; Chen C.; Guan X.; Yuan Y.; Wang A.-J.; Lee D.-J. ; Zhang Z.-F.; Zhang J.; Zhong Y.-J.; Ren N.-Q.Chemical Engineering Journal 4441
202011Property integration for resource conservation network synthesis in palm oil millsChen C.-L. ; Lee J.-Y.; Ng D.K.S.; Foo D.C.Y.Chemical Engineering Journal 77