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12009A novel approach to align adult neural stem cells on micropatterned conduits for peripheral nerve regeneration: A feasibility studyHsu, S.-H.; Su, C.-H.; Chiu, I.-M.; SHAN-HUI HSU journal article6352
22004Acute hemodynamic study of Tai-Ta left ventricular assist device in a canine modelNai-Kuan Chou; SHOEI-SHEN WANGjournal article12
32005An in-vitro study on regeneration of human nucleus pulposus by using gelatin/chondroitin-6-sulfate/hyaluronan tri-copolymer scaffoldSHU-HUA YANGjournal article4343
42001Application of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in adult burn patientsNai-Kuan Chou; SHOEI-SHEN WANG; SHU-CHIEN HUANG; ANNE CHAO journal article2824
52006Biomimetic bilayered gelatin-chondroitin 6 sulfate-hyaluronic acid biopolymer as a scaffold for skin equivalent tissue engineeringJUI-SHENG SUNjournal article5557
61996Clinical use of CarboMedics and St. Jude Medical valvesSHOEI-SHEN WANGjournal article
71996Clinical use of Omniflow vascular graft as arteriovenous bridging graft for hemodialysisSHOEI-SHEN WANGjournal article
82003Collagen-hydroxyapatite microspheres as carriers for bone morphogenic protein-4JUI-SHENG SUNjournal article3736
92003Collagen-hydroxyapatite/tricalcium phosphate microspheres as a delivery system for recombinant human transforming growth factor-β 1JUI-SHENG SUNjournal article3129
102000Comparative in vitro evaluation of two different preparations of small diameter polyurethane vascular graftsHsu, S.-H.; Tseng, H.-J.; Wu, M.-S.; SHAN-HUI HSU journal article4132
111996Current status of heart assist and replacement in TaiwanSHOEI-SHEN WANGjournal article
121999Cytokine and prostaglandin E2 release from leukocytes in response to metal ions derived from different prosthetic materials: An in vitro studyJUI-SHENG SUNjournal article
132001Development of a totally implantable pulsatile centrifugal pump as a ventricular assist deviceNai-Kuan Chou; SHOEI-SHEN WANGjournal article34
142002Effect of different solvents and crosslinkers on cytocompatibility of Type II collagen scaffolds for chondrocyte seedingTsai, C.-L.; Hsu, S.-H.; Cheng, W.-L.; SHAN-HUI HSU journal article2928
152011Effects of Low Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound on Rat Schwann Cells MetabolismJUI-SHENG SUN; YUAN-HUNG CHAOjournal article2625
162002Erratum: Physiologic analysis of cardiac cycle in an implantable impeller centrifugal left venticular assist device (Artificial Organs 28:8 (613-616))Nai-Kuan Chou; SHOEI-SHEN WANGjournal article00
172006Evaluation of biodegradable polyesters modified by type II collagen and Arg-Gly-Asp as tissue engineering scaffolding materials for cartilage regenerationHsu, S.-H.; Chang, S.-H.; Yen, H.-J.; Whu, S.W.; Tsai, C.-L.; Chen, D.C.; SHAN-HUI HSU journal article8576
182002Evaluation of cellular affinity and compatibility to biodegradable polyesters and Type-II collagen-modified scaffolds using immortalized rat chondrocytesHsu, S.-H.; Tsai, C.-L.; Tang, C.-M.; SHAN-HUI HSU journal article3533
192004Evaluation of chitosan-alginate-hyaluronate complexes modified by an RGD-containing protein as tissue-engineering scaffolds for cartilage regenerationHsu, S.-H.; Shu, W.W.; Hsieh, S.-C.; Tsai, C.-L.; Chen, D.C.; Tan, T.-S.; SHAN-HUI HSU journal article133126
202008Ex vivo magnetofection with magnetic nanoparticles: A novel platform for nonviral tissue engineeringJUI-SHENG SUNjournal article3536