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12011A high performance inverted organic light emitting diode using an electron transporting material with low energy barrier for electron injectionCHIH-I WU journal article6160
22009A new ambipolar blue emitter for NTSC standard blue organic light-emitting deviceTsai, Tsung-Cheng; KEN-TSUNG WONG ; PI-TAI CHOU ; Hung, Wen-Yi; Chi, Liang-Chen; Wong, Ken-Tsung ; Hsieh, Cheng-chih; Chou, Pi-Tai journal article5246
32012A new thermally crosslinkable hole injection material for OLEDsKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article2522
42012A novel heteroterfluorene for efficient blue and white OLEDsKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article66
52016A-D-A type organic donors employing coplanar heterocyclic cores for efficient small molecule organic solar cellsKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article2221
62009All-conjugated diblock copolymer of poly(3-hexylthiophene)-block-poly(3-phenoxymethylthiophene) for field-effect transistor and photovoltaic applicationsChueh, C.-C.; Higashihara, T.; Tsai, J.-H.; Ueda, M.; Chen, W.-C.; WEN-CHANG CHEN journal article4343
72012An effective bilayer cathode buffer for highly efficient small molecule organic solar cellsKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article2930
82009Annealing effect of polymer bulk heterojunction solar cells based on polyfluorene and fullerene blendHuang, JH; Yang, CY; Ho, ZY; Kekuda, D; Wu, MC; Chien, FC; Chen, PL; Chu, CW; Ho, KC; KUO-CHUAN HO ; Huang, JH; Yang, CY; Ho, ZY; Kekuda, D; Wu, MC; Chien, FC; Chen, PL; Chu, CW; Ho, KCjournal article8176
92016Blade coating of Tris(8-hydroxyquinolinato)aluminum as the electron-transport layer for all-solution blue fluorescent organic light-emitting diodesKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article1313
102014Bridging donor-acceptor energy offset using organic dopants as energy ladders to improve open-circuit voltages in bulk-heterojunction solar cellsCHIH-I WU journal article89
112012Carbazole and benzimidazole/oxadiazole hybrids as bipolar host materials for sky blue, green, and red PhOLEDsKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article2926
122013Continuously tunable organic solid-state DFB laser utilizing molecular reorientation in molecular glassesCHUNG-CHIH WU ; CHIEH-HSIUNG KUAN ; KEN-TSUNG WONG journal article42
132012Correlations of impedance-voltage characteristics and carrier mobility in organic light emitting diodesCHIH-I WU journal article4141
142014Effect of different p-dopants in an interconnection unit on the performance of tandem organic solar cellsCHIH-I WU journal article55
152012Efficient and color-stable solid-state white light-emitting electrochemical cells employing red color conversion layersKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article5955
162009Efficient bulk heterjunction solar cells based on a low-bandgap polyfluorene copolymers and fullerene derivativesHuang, J.-H.; Li, K.-C.; Wei, H.-Y.; Chen, P.-Y.; Lin, L.-Y.; Kekuda, D.; Lin, H.-C.; Ho, K.-C.; Chu, C.-W.; KUO-CHUAN HO journal article1415
172011Efficient carrier- and exciton-confining device structure that enhances blue PhOLED efficiency and reduces efficiency roll-offKEN-TSUNG WONG ; Hung, Wen-Yi; Chen, Zhong-Wen; You, Hong-Wei; Fan, Fu-Chuan; Chen, Hsiao-Fan; Wong, Ken-Tsung journal article4039
182012Efficient non-doped blue light emitting diodes based on novel carbazole-substituted anthracene derivativesChen, Y.-H.; Lin, S.-L.; Chang, Y.-C.; Chen, Y.-C.; Lin, J.-T.; Lee, R.-H.; Kuo, W.-J.; Jeng, R.-J.; RU-JONG JENG journal article3536
192015Efficient solution-processed green and white phosphorescence organic light-emitting diodes based on bipolar host materialsKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article2827
202012Electrical performance of the embedded-type surface electrodes containing carbon and silver nanowires as fillers and one-step organosoluble polyimide as a matrixLin, C.-Y.; Kuo, D.-H.; Chen, W.-C.; Ma, M.-W.; Liou, G.-S.; GUEY-SHENG LIOU journal article109