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12007Determination of chemical shift anisotropies of unresolved carbonyl sites by C-alpha detection under magic-angle spinningMou, Yun; Chen, Peng-Huan; Lee, Hsin-Wen; Chan, Jerry C.C.; CHUN-CHUNG CHAN Journal of Magnetic Resonance 710
22000Dipolar coupling information in multispin systems: Application of a compensated REDOR NMR approach to inorganic phosphatesChan, JCC; Eckert, H; CHUN-CHUNG CHAN Journal of Magnetic Resonance 
32016Dual-pathway multi-echo sequence for simultaneous frequency and T2 mappingCheng-Chieh Cheng; Chang-Sheng Mei; Jeffrey Duryea; Hsiao-Wen Chung; Tzu-Cheng Chao; Lawrence P. Panych; Bruno Madore; HSIAO-WEN CHUNG Journal of Magnetic Resonance 1115
42009Heteronuclear dipolar recoupling in multiple-spin system under fast magic-angle spinningChou, FC; Huang, SJ; Chan, JCC; CHUN-CHUNG CHAN Journal of Magnetic Resonance 910
51999High-resolution heteronuclear correlation between quadrupolar nucleiChan, JCC; CHUN-CHUNG CHAN Journal of Magnetic Resonance 
62012Time displacement rotational echo double resonance: Heteronuclear dipolar recoupling with suppression of homonuclear interaction under fast magic-angle spinningTsai, Tim W. T.; Mou, Yun; Chan, Jerry C. C.; CHUN-CHUNG CHAN Journal of Magnetic Resonance 33