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12007Annihilation contributions and CP asymmetries in B+→π+K0, K+K0 and B0→K0K̄0XIAO-GANG HE journal article23
22012Another look at charge fractionalization at finite temperatureMing-Chiun Wu ; YEONG-CHUAN KAO journal article11
31996B decays and models for CP violationXIAO-GANG HE journal article22
42013B decays with τ leptons in nonuniversal left-right modelsXIAO-GANG HE journal article5550
52005Berry phase in neutrino oscillationsXIAO-GANG HE journal article119
62004Bottom photoproduction measured using decays into muons in dijet events in ep collisions at √s=318 GeVStathes Paganis journal article5739
72006Bs-B̄s mixing constraints on FCNC and a nonuniversal Z′XIAO-GANG HE journal article6363
82002B̄0 → π+ X in the standard modelXIAO-GANG HE journal article0
92007Calculation of BR(B̄0→Λc++p̄) in the perturbative QCD approachXIAO-GANG HE journal article88
102012Chiral symmetry and the residual mass in lattice QCD with the optimal domain-wall fermionTING-WAI CHIU journal article149
112015Color-kinematics duality for pure Yang-Mills and gravity at one and two loopsYU-TIN HUANG journal article5149
122004Constraints on new physics from K → πννXIAO-GANG HE journal article2420
132009Constraints on scalar dark matter from direct experimental searchesXIAO-GANG HE journal article109106
142000Constraints on s→dγ from radiative hyperon and kaon decaysXIAO-GANG HE journal article17
152010Cosmic e ±s, p̄s, γs, and neutrinos in leptocentric dark matter modelsXIAO-GANG HE journal article78
161999Cosmic string loops and large-scale structureJIUN-HUEI PROTY WU journal article1513
172015CP -violating polarization asymmetry in charmless two-body decays of beauty baryonsXIAO-GANG HE journal article1212
182005CP asymmetry in B̄<sup>0</sup> → K<sup>-</sup>π<sup>+</sup> from supersymmetric flavor changing interactionsXIAO-GANG HE journal article79
191999CP violating b→sγ decay in supersymmetric modelsXIAO-GANG HE journal article63
202001CP violating phase γ from a global fit of rare charmless hadronic B decaysXIAO-GANG HE journal article0