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12013Distribution of habitat specialists in semi-natural grasslandsFajmonov?, Z.; Zelen?, D.; Syrov?tka, V.; Von?ina, G.; H?jek, M.; DAVID ZELEN Journal of Vegetation Science 
22010Floristic diversity of an eastern Mediterranean dwarf shrubland: The importance of soil pHChytr?, M.; DAVID ZELEN? et al. ; CHING-FENG LI Journal of Vegetation Science 
32012High species richness in hemiboreal forests of the northern Russian Altai, southern SiberiaChytr?, M.; DAVID ZELEN et al. Journal of Vegetation Science 
42010Imputation of environmental variables for vegetation plots based on compositional similarityTich?, L.; H?jek, M.; Zelen?, D.; DAVID ZELEN Journal of Vegetation Science 
52016Measuring ecological specialization along a natural stress gradient using a set of complementary niche breadth indicesCarboni, M.; Zelen?, D.; Acosta, A.T.R.; DAVID ZELEN Journal of Vegetation Science 
62009Modified TWINSPAN classification in which the hierarchy respects cluster heterogeneityRole?ek, J.; Tich?, L.; Zelen?, D.; Chytr?, M.; DAVID ZELEN Journal of Vegetation Science 
72016Statistical challenges of evaluating diversity patterns across environmental gradients in mega-diverse communitiesChao, A.; Chiu, C.-H.; Jost, L.; CHUN-HUO CHIU Journal of Vegetation Science 
82012Too good to be true: Pitfalls of using mean Ellenberg indicator values in vegetation analysesDAVID ZELEN Journal of Vegetation Science