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12001A composite modeling study of civil aircraft impacts on ozone and sulfate over the Taiwan areaJEN-PING CHEN journal article21
22005A modeling study of Typhoon Toraji (2001): Physical parameterization sensitivity and topographic effectMING-JEN YANG journal article3634
32004Aerosol characterization at Taiwan's northern tip during ACE-AsiaJEN-PING CHEN journal article2121
41999Development of an integrated earthquake early warning system in Taiwan-Case for the Hualien area earthquakesYIH-MIN WU journal article
52001Estimation of contrail frequency and radiative effects over the Taiwan areaJEN-PING CHEN journal article75
62011High-Resolution Numerical Simulation of the Extreme Rainfall Associated with Typhoon Morakot. Part I: Comparing the Impact of Microphysics and PBL Parameterizations with ObservationsMING-JEN YANG ; CHUNG-HSIUNG SUI ; BEN JONG DAO JOU journal article2826
72014Low Cost Seismic Network Practical Applications for Producing Quick Shaking Maps in TaiwanYIH-MIN WU journal article1514
82011Momentum Budget Evolution of Typhoon Nari (2001) During the Landfall ProcessMING-JEN YANG journal article32
92002Near real-time seismic damage assessment of the rapid reporting systemYIH-MIN WU journal article2424
102001Numerical simulation of contrail microphysical and radiative propertiesJEN-PING CHEN journal article32
112000Precipitation parameterization in a simulated Mei-Yu frontMING-JEN YANG journal article1617
122007Preface to the Special Issue on Climate-Chemistry Interactions: Atmospheric Ozone, Aerosols, and Clouds over East AsiaJEN-PING CHEN journal article00
132004Simulations of Asian yellow dust incursion over Taiwan for the spring of 2002 and 2003JEN-PING CHEN journal article1717
142001SUNYA regional model simulation of radiative forcing and climate impact due to contrails over regions around TaiwanJEN-PING CHEN journal article5
152011The Impact of a Warm Ocean Eddy on Typhoon Morakot (2009): A Preliminary Study from Satellite Observations and Numerical ModellingI-I LIN journal article2519