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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12016Assessment of temporal association of relapse of canine multicentric lymphoma with components of the CHOP protocol: Is cyclophosphamide the weakest link?Wang, S.-L.; Lee, J.-J.; Liao, A.T.; JIH-JONG LEE ; SHANG-LIN WANG Veterinary Journal 56
22015Chemotherapy-induced neutropenia is associated with prolonged remission duration and survival time in canine lymphomaWang, S.L.; Lee, J.J.; Liao, A.T.; TAI-CHING LIAO ; JIH-JONG LEE ; SHANG-LIN WANG Veterinary Journal 1821
32015Detection of indoxyl sulfate levels in dogs and cats suffering from naturally occurring kidney diseasesCheng, F.P.; Hsieh, M.J.; Chou, C.C.; Hsu, W.L.; Lee, Y.J.; YA-JANE LEE Veterinary Journal 89
42015Downregulation of the KLF4 transcription factor inhibits the proliferation and migration of canine mammary tumor cellsTien, Y.-T.; Chang, M.-H.; Chu, P.-Y.; Lin, C.-S.; Liu, C.-H.; Liao, A.T.; CHEN-HSUAN LIU ; TAI-CHING LIAO ; CHEN-SI LIN Veterinary Journal 109
52013KIT gene exon 11 mutations in canine malignant melanomaChu, P.-Y.; Pan, S.-L.; Liu, C.-H.; Lee, J.; Yeh, L.-S.; Liao, A.T.; CHEN-HSUAN LIU ; TAI-CHING LIAO ; JIH-JONG LEE Veterinary Journal 1822