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12005An Open Trial of Risperidone Shifting from Oral Form to Long-acting Injection form in Patients with SchizophreniaCHI-SHIN WU 臺灣精神醫學 00
22009Association between Symptoms/Diagnosis of Attention-deficit/Hyperactivity Disorders and Sleep Problems/Disorders-focus on Taiwan's StudiesSUSAN SHUR-FEN GAU 臺灣精神醫學 
32010Bouffée Délirante: A Case of a Young Haitian Man in TaiwanCHEN-CHUNG LIU 臺灣精神醫學 
42008Childhood Sexual Abuse and Suicidal BehaviorSUSAN SHUR-FEN GAU 臺灣精神醫學 
52012Chronic Schizophrenia Comorbid with Neuropsychiatric Systemic Lupus ErythematosusYEN-WEN WU臺灣精神醫學 
62012Chronic Schizophrenia Comorbid with Neuropsychiatric Systemic Lupus ErythematosusCHIH-MIN LIU 臺灣精神醫學 
72011Decreased White Blood Cell Count Related to Haloperidol Add-on Treatment to OlanzapineSHIH-CHENG LIAO 臺灣精神醫學 
82012Development and Validation of the Chinese Caregiver Version of the Personal and Social Performance ScaleHAI-GWO HWU 臺灣精神醫學 
92012Dissimilar Deficits of Facial and Prosodic Emotion Recognition in Patients with Schizophrenia in TaiwanSUE-HUEI CHEN 臺灣精神醫學 
102011Inpatient Treatment of Anorexia Nervosa and Refeeding SyndromeHSIANG-YUAN LIN 臺灣精神醫學 
112007Internet-related Delusional DisorderHAI-GWO HWU 臺灣精神醫學 
122009Mental Health Literacy: Impact of Newspaper Report on Increasing Recognition of Psychotic ProdromeHAI-GWO HWU 臺灣精神醫學 
132009Mental Health Literacy: Impact of Newspaper Report on Increasing Recognition of Psychotic ProdromeCHEN-CHUNG LIU 臺灣精神醫學 
142009Parenting and Children of AlcoholicsSUSAN SHUR-FEN GAU 臺灣精神醫學 
152012Prevalences of Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, and Depressive Disorders in Community between Taiwan and Other CountriesHAI-GWO HWU 臺灣精神醫學 
162007Psychiatrists Need to Know More about Childhood-onset Mental DisordersSUSAN SHUR-FEN GAU 臺灣精神醫學 
172013Will the Content of Positive Memory Recall Matter for Repairing Sad Mood? The Comparison of Autobiographic vs. Others' MemoryChia-Ling Chiu; Sue-Huei Chen; SUE-HUEI CHEN 臺灣精神醫學 
182007兒童行為抑制氣質與焦慮WEN-CHE TSAI 臺灣精神醫學 
192006刑事精神鑑定之失憶現象SHU-SEN CHANG 臺灣精神醫學 
202003北臺灣某育幼院受虐兒童青少年之精神病理研究SUSAN SHUR-FEN GAU 臺灣精神醫學