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12011A consistency approach to evaluation of bridging studies and multi-regional trialsTsou, H.-H.; Chien, T.-Y.; Liu, J.-P.; Hsiao, C.-F.; JEN-PEI LIU journal article1313
22007A Markov regression random-effects model for remission of functional disability in patients following a first stroke: A Bayesian approachHSIU-HSI CHEN ; SHIN-LIANG PANjournal article1917
32008A non-inferiority test for diagnostic accuracy based on the paired partial areas under ROC curvesLi, C.-R.; Liao, C.-T.; Liu, J.-P.; JEN-PEI LIU ; CHEN-TUO LIAO journal article4241
42014An approximate approach to sample size determination in bioequivalence testing with multiple pharmacokinetic responsesTsai, C.-A.; Huang, C.-Y.; Liu, J.-P.; JEN-PEI LIU ; CHEN-AN TSAI journal article44
52010An easy-to-implement approach for analyzing case-control and case-only studies assuming gene-environment independence and Hardy-Weinberg equilibriumWEN-CHUNG LEE ; LEE, WEN-CHUNG ; WANG, LIANG-YI; CHENG, KUANG-FUjournal article98
62015Analysis of transtheoretical model of health behavioral changes in a nutrition intervention study-a continuous time Markov chain model with Bayesian approachCHU-LIN TSAIjournal article43
72013Application of the parallel line assay to assessment of biosimilar products based on binary endpointsLin, J.-R.; Chow, S.-C.; Chang, C.-H.; Lin, Y.-C.; Liu, J.-P.; JEN-PEI LIU journal article33
82002Assessing chronic disease progression using non-homogeneous exponential regression Markov models: An illustration using a selective breast cancer screening in TaiwanSHU-HUI CHANG ; HSIU-HSI CHEN journal article3838
92007Authors' reply [2]YU-KANG TU journal article00
101996Autoregressive age-period-cohort modelsWEN-CHUNG LEE journal article0
112005Bayesian tests of extra-Binomial variabilityHsiao, C.K.; CHUHSING KATE HSIAO ; Lee, M.H.; Kass, R.E.journal article22
121995Bias of two one-sided tests procedures in assessment of bioequivalenceLiu, J.-P.; Weng, C.-S.; JEN-PEI LIU journal article200
132011Bounding the bias of unmeasured factors with confounding and effect-modifying potentialsWEN-CHUNG LEE ; LEE, WEN-CHUNG journal article1716
141997Characterizing exposure-disease association in human populations using the Lorenz curve and Gini indexWEN-CHUNG LEE ; Lee , Wen-Chung journal article0
152000Comparing the performance of two indices for spatial model selection: Application to two mortality dataCHUHSING KATE HSIAO journal article00
161991Detection of outlying data in bioavailability/bioequivalence studiesJEN-PEI LIU journal article2818
171992Estimation of direct formulation effect under log-normal distribution in bioavailability/bioequivalence studiesLiu, J.-P.; Weng, C.-S.; JEN-PEI LIU journal article1813
181996Estimation of expected quality adjusted survival by cross-sectional surveyJAU-YIH TSAUOjournal article0
191995Estimation of mean sojourn time in breast cancer screening using a Markov chain model of both entry to and exit from the preclinical detectable phaseHSIU-HSI CHEN journal article
202005Inference of nested variance components in a longitudinal myopia intervention trialCHUHSING KATE HSIAO ; Hsiao, Chuhsing Kate ; Tsai, Miao-Yu; Chen, Ho-Minjournal article67