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12012A hybrid neural network model predictive control with zone penalty weights for type 1 diabetes mellitusLiu, S.-W.; Huang, H.-P.; Lin, C.-H.; Chien, I.-L.; I-LUNG CHIEN journal article65
22002A priori phase equilibrium prediction from a segment contribution solvation modelSHIANG-TAI LIN journal article441424
32015A Priori Prediction of Dissociation Phenomena and Phase Behaviors of Ionic LiquidsLee, B.-S.; Lin, S.-T.; SHIANG-TAI LIN journal article1717
42014A priori prediction of the vapor-liquid equilibria of mixtures of acetic acid and water or alcohols by explicit consideration of hydrogen-bonded dimersChen, W.-L.; Lin, S.-T.; SHIANG-TAI LIN journal article33
52011A special tribute to Stan Sandler: The reach and impact of a life-long dedication to the chemical engineering professionSum, A.K.; Lin, S.-T.; Prausnitz, J.M.; SHIANG-TAI LIN journal article00
62014Ammonia abatement for low-salinity domestic secondary effluent with a hybrid electrooxidation and adsorption reactorDing J.; Zhao Q.-L.; Wang K.; Hu W.; Li W.; Li A.; Lee D.-J. journal article99
72015Analysis of a Looped High Pressure Steam Pipeline Network in a Large-Scale RefineryWang S.-H.; Wang W.-J.; Chang C.-Y.; Chen C.-L. journal article32
82012Analysis of local recycle for membrane pervaporation systemsSantoso A.; Yu C.-C.; Ward J.D. journal article22
92017Analysis of Seed Loading and Supersaturation Trajectories for Two-Dimensional Crystallization SystemsKang Y.-S.; Ward J.D. journal article00
102011Analytical design and operation of systems with crystallization, filtration, and recyclingWard J.D. ; Yu C.-C.; Doherty M.F.journal article21
112018Automatic Design and Optimization of Column Sequences and Column Stacking Using a Process Simulation Automation ServerNi Y.-W.; Ward J.D. journal article11
122015Batch reactive distillation with off-cut recyclingKao Y.-L.; Ward J.D. journal article55
132002Batch settling of flocculated clay slurryChu C.P.; Ju S.P.; Lee D.J. ; Tiller F.M.; Mohanty K.K.; Chang Y.C.journal article1414
142010Biodiesel synthesis by simultaneous esterification and transesterification using oleophilic acid catalystLien, Y.-S.; Hsieh, L.-S.; Wu, J.C.S.; JEFFREY CHI-SHENG WU journal article3629
151993Cake Formation in Capillary Suction ApparatusLee D.J. ; Hsu Y.H.journal article3642
161992Calculations of Solubilities of Aromatic Compounds in Supercritical Carbon DioxideYU-JANE SHENG ; Chen, Ping Chin; YAN-PING CHEN ; Wong, David Shan Hilljournal article550
172017Closed Operation of Multivessel Batch Reactive Distillation ProcessesKao Y.-L.; Fieg G.; Ward J.D. journal article11
182007Combined preconcentrator/recovery column design for isopropyl alcohol dehydration processArifin, S.; Chien, I.-L.; I-LUNG CHIEN journal article4541
192002Comments on "A priori phase equilibrium prediction from a segment contribution solvation model" (Multiple letters)Klamt, A.; Lin, S.-T.; S; ler, S.I.; SHIANG-TAI LIN journal article
202012Comments on "continuous-time optimization model for source-sink matching in carbon capture and storage systems"Lee J.-Y.; Chen C.-L. journal article2221