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12005Advances in hardware architectures for image and video coding - A surveyTseng, P.-C.; Chang, Y.-C.; Huang, Y.-W.; Fang, H.-C.; Huang, C.-T.; Chen, L.-G.; LIANG-GEE CHEN Proceedings of the IEEE 
21998Algorithm-based low-power and high-performance multimedia signal processingLiu, K.J.R.; Wu, A.-Y.; Raghupathy, A.; Chen, J.; AN-YEU(ANDY) WU Proceedings of the IEEE 
32015AMPFLUID: Aggregation Magnified Post-Assay Fluorescence for Ultrasensitive Immunodetection on Digital MicrofluidicsHuang, C.-Y.; Shih, P.-H.; Tsai, P.-Y.; Lee, I.-C.; Hsu, H.-Y.; Huang, H.-Y.; Fan, S.-K.; Hsu, W.; SHIH-KANG FAN Proceedings of the IEEE 
41988Comments on “fast interpolation algorithm using fast hartley transform”Hsu, C.-Y.; Lin, T.-P.; Wu, J.-L.; JA-LING WU Proceedings of the IEEE 
51988Comments, with reply, on 'fast interpolation algorithm using fast Hartley transform' by J.I. Agbinya.Hsu, Chau-Yun; Lin, Teng-Pin; Wu, Ja-Ling; JA-LING WU Proceedings of the IEEE 
61997Distributed Multimedia SystemsVictor O. K. Li; Wanjiun Liao; WANJIUN LIAO Proceedings of the IEEE 
71981High-frequency core loss characteristic of amorphous magnetic alloyD. Y. Chen; DAN CHEN Proceedings of the IEEE 
82003Networked Intelligent Robots through the Internet: Issues and OpportunitiesR. C. Luo; K. L. Su; S. H. Shen; K. H. Tsai; REN-CHYUAN LUO Proceedings of the IEEE 
91995Neuro-Fuzzy Modeling and ControlJang, J.-S.R.; Sun, C.-T.; JYH-SHING JANG Proceedings of the IEEE 
102012Recent advances of large-scale linear classificationYuan, G.-X.; Ho, C.-H.; Lin, C.-J.; CHIH-JEN LIN Proceedings of the IEEE 
112005Special issue on advances in video coding and deliveryZhu, W.; Sun, M.-T.; Chen, L.-G.; Sikora, T.; LIANG-GEE CHEN Proceedings of the IEEE 
122010Ultra-Low Power Design in Near-Threshold RegimeD. Marković , C. C. Wang, L. Alarcó n, T.-T. Liu; J. Rabaey; TSUNG-TE LIU Proceedings of the IEEE