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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
11996Analysis of rearranged T cell receptor (TCR) Vβ transcripts in livers of primary biliary cirrhosis: Preferential Vβ usage suggests antigen-driven selectionDING-SHINN CHEN Clinical and Experimental Immunology 
22001Cytomegalovirus infection and proinflammatory cytokine activation modulate the surface immune determinant expression and immunogenicity of cultured murine extrahepatic bile duct epithelial cellsHONG-YUAN HSU; MEI-HWEI CHANG; Yen-Hsuan NiClinical and Experimental Immunology 1714
32007Generation of functionally distinct B lymphocytes from common myeloid progenitorsYA-HUI CHUANGClinical and Experimental Immunology 66
41996In vitro and in vivo functional analysis of CD5+ and CD5- B cells of autoimmune NZB x NZW F1 miceYA-HUI CHUANGClinical and Experimental Immunology 
52014Innate immunity drives xenobiotic-induced murine autoimmune cholangitisChang, C. -H.; YA-HUI CHUANG; Chen, Y. -C.; Yu, Y. -H.; Tao, M. -H.; Leung, P. S. C.; Ansari, A. A.; Gershwin, M. E.; Chuang, Y. -H.Clinical and Experimental Immunology 1719
61995Prominent proliferative response of peripheral blood mononuclear cells to a recombinant non-structural (NS3) protein of hepatitis C virus in patients with chronic hepatitis CDING-SHINN CHEN Clinical and Experimental Immunology 
72007The role of CD11c+ hepatic dendritic cells in the induction of innate immune responsesYA-HUI CHUANGClinical and Experimental Immunology 3535