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12001All-optical switching behaviors in an all-semiconductor nonlinear loop deviceCHIH-CHUNG YANG journal article
22011Bidirectionally pumped Cr<sup>4+</sup>:YAG crystal fiber light source for optical coherence tomographySHENG-LUNG HUANG journal article82
32005Blackbody radiation modified to enhance blue spectrumCHING-FUH LIN ; LON A. WANG journal article54
42001Cell manipulation by use of diamond microparticles as handles of optical tweezersCHI-KUANG SUN ; Sun, Chi-Kuang ; Huang, Yin-Chieh; Cheng, Ping Chin; Liu, Hung-Chi; Lin, Bai-Lingjournal article
52014Effect of damping on Goos-Hänchen shift from weakly absorbing anisotropic metamaterialsChern, R.-L.; RUEY-LIN CHERN journal article76
62010Effective parameters and quasi-static resonances for periodic arrays of dielectric spheresRUEY-LIN CHERN journal article1211
72010Electromagnetic scattering by a subwavelength circular hole in a perfect metal plate of finite thickness: Matched asymptotic expansionRUEY-LIN CHERN journal article21
82013Ground-state counterpropagating solitons in photorefractive media with saturable nonlinearityTAI-CHIA LIN journal article55
91997Mode locking of semiconductor lasers in a coupled-cavity configuration with a strongly coupled empty auxiliary cavityCHING-FUH LIN ; Lin, Ching-Fuh journal article
102002Modeling of nonlinear pulse propagation in periodic and quasi-periodic binary long-period fiber gratingsLON A. WANG ; Chern, Gia-Wei; Chang, Jui-Fen; Wang, Lon A. journal article76
111999Nonlinear refraction and absorption measurements with chirped femtosecond laser pulses: Experiments and simulationsCHI-KUANG SUN journal article
122014Optical multiple bistability in metal-insulator-metal plasmonic waveguides side-coupled with twin racetrack resonatorsGUANG-YU GUO journal article44
132015Optimizing the performance of CPML optical target for light-scattering simulationsSNOW H. TSENG journal article11
142002Retracing behavior and broadband generation based on quasi-phase-matched optical parametric processesCHIH-CHUNG YANG journal article
151998Retracing behaviors of the phase-matching angle in noncollinear phase-matched optical parametric oscillatorsCHIH-CHUNG YANG journal article
162006Soft-glass photonic-crystal fibers for frequency shifting and white-light spectral superbroadening of femtosecond Cr:forsterite laser pulsesCHI-KUANG SUN journal article76
172008Uncoupled modes and all-angle negative refraction in walled honeycomb photonic crystalsGUANG-YU GUO journal article67
182013Wave propagation in pseudochiral media: Generalized Fresnel equationsRUEY-LIN CHERN journal article99
191997Waveguides induced by photorefractive screening solitonsMING-FENG SHIH journal article0112
202000Z-scan measurement with an astigmatic Gaussian beamCHI-KUANG SUN ; Huang, Yong-Liang; Sun, Chi-Kuang journal article