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12002A Hierarchical Packet Fair Queueing-based ACK Spacing Mechanism for TCP/IP over Internet BackoneH.-B. Chiou. S. Chin; Z. Tsai; ZSEHONG TSAI IEICE Transactions on Communications 
22012A suboptimal power-saving transmission scheme in multiple component carrier networksY.-L. Chung; Z. Tsai; ZSEHONG TSAI IEICE Transactions on Communications 42
32005An efficient void filling algorithm for WDM optical packet switches operating under variable-packet-length self-similar trafficChang, C.-H.; Tsai, M.-G.; Shao, S.-K.; Tsao, H.-W.; Reddy Perati, M.; Wu, J.; HEN-WAI TSAO IEICE Transactions on Communications 114
42013Decode-and-Forward Relaying Schemes with Best-Node Selection under Outdated Channel State Information: Error Probability Analysis and ComparisonN.-E. Wu; H.-J. Su; H.-J. Li; HSUAN-JUNG SU IEICE Transactions on Communications 00
51998Design and Analysis of the GCRA Traffic Shaper for VBRMingfu Li; Zsehong Tsai; ZSEHONG TSAI IEICE Transactions on Communications 22
62009Evolution and integration of medical laboratory information system in an Asia national medical centerCheng, Po-Hsun; Chen, Sao-Jie; Lai, Jin-Shin; Cheng, Po-Hsun; Chen, Sao-Jie; Lai, Jin-Shin; JIN-SHIN LAI ; SAO-JIE CHEN ; 鄭伯壎 IEICE Transactions on Communications 21
72005Feature-based error concealment for object-based videoLee, P.-J.; Chen, H.H.; Wang, W.-J.; Chen, L.-G.; LIANG-GEE CHEN ; HOMER H. CHEN IEICE Transactions on Communications 33
82005Generalized variance-based markovian fitting for self-similar traffic modellingShao, S.-K.; Perati, M.R.; Tsai, M.-G.; Tsao, H.-W.; Jingshown, W.U.; HEN-WAI TSAO IEICE Transactions on Communications 216
92010Hop-Based Energy Aware Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor NetworksJ. Wang; J. Cho; S. Lee; K.C. Chen; Y.K. Lee; KWANG-CHENG CHEN IEICE Transactions on Communications 2818
102013Interference Mitigation in CR-Enabled Heterogeneous NetworksS.-Y. Lien; S.-M. Cheng; K.-C. Chen; KWANG-CHENG CHEN IEICE Transactions on Communications 11
111999Joint Blind Multipath Diversity Combining and PN Code Timing Recovery for Direct-Sequence Spread-Spectrum SystemsJia-Chin Lin; Lin-shan Lee; LIN-SHAN LEE IEICE Transactions on Communications 11
122010Mitigation of noise coupling in multilayer high-speed PCB: state of the art modeling methodology and EBG technologyT.-L. Wu; J. Fan; F. d. Paulis; C.-D. Wang; A. C. Scogna; A. Orl; i; Wu, Tzong-Lin IEICE Transactions on Communications 1411
132005Noncoherent block detection of multiple-pulse equicorrelated modulation signalsC.-D. Chung; S.-M. Cho; CHAR-DIR CHUNG IEICE Transactions on Communications 00
142012OFDM channel estimation in the presence of receiver I/Q imbalance and cfo using pilot symbolsChung, Y.-H.; Phoong, S.-M.; SEE-MAY PHOONG IEICE Transactions on Communications 50
152011On the effective throughput gain of cooperative diversity with a fast retransmission scheme for delay-sensitive flowsY.-L. Chung; Z. Tsai; ZSEHONG TSAI IEICE Transactions on Communications 00
162003Performance Analysis of A Generic GMPLS Switching Architecture with/without Flush CapabilityL.-C. Kao; Z. Tsai; ZSEHONG TSAI IEICE Transactions on Communications 00
172005Performance evaluation of feedback type WDM optical routers under asynchronous and variable packet length self-similar trafficShao, S.-K.; Tsai, M.-G.; Tsao, H.-W.; Sreedevi, P.; Reddy Perati, M.; Wu, J.; HEN-WAI TSAO IEICE Transactions on Communications 21
182001Steady State Performance Analysis of MPLS Label SwitchingL.-C. Kao; Z. Tsai; ZSEHONG TSAI IEICE Transactions on Communications 64
192015Throughput Maximization for Wireless Relay Systems with AMC and HARQHSUAN-JUNG SU IEICE Transactions on Communications 00
202001WDFQ: An Efficient Traffic Scheduler with Fair Bandwidth-Sharing for Wireless Multimedia ServicesF.-M. Tsou; H.-B. Chiou; Z. Tsai; ZSEHONG TSAI IEICE Transactions on Communications 62