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12009Asymmetric expression patterns of brain transthyretin in normal mice and a transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer's diseaseTsai, K.-J.; Ming-Jang Chiu; Yang, C.-H.; Lee, P.-C.; Wang, W.-T.; Chiu, M.-J.; Shen, C.-K.J.Neuroscience 1616
22000Characterization of synaptic transmission in the ventrolateral periaqueductal gray of rat brain slicesLIH-CHU CHIOUNeuroscience 1413
32006Cocaine elicits action potential bursts in a central snail neuron: The role of delayed rectifying K+ currentPEI-LIN LIN Neuroscience 2222
42014Cortical involvement in the StartReact effectStevenson, A.J.T.; Chiu, C.; Maslovat, D.; Chua, R.; Gick, B.; Blouin, J.-S.; Franks, I.M.; Chenhao Chiu Neuroscience 2531
52013Dose-dependent effects of d-methionine for rescuing noise-induced permanent threshold shift in guinea-pigsYIH-LEONG CHANGNeuroscience 1012
62008Identification and characterization of a subset of mouse sensory neurons that express acid-sensing ion channel 3Lin, Y.-W.; MING-YUAN MINet al. ; Lin, Y.-W.; Min, M.-Y.; Lin, C.-C.; Chen, W.-N.; Wu, W.-L.; Yu, H.-M.; Chen, C.-C.Neuroscience 3638
71999Influence of cutaneous nerves on keratinocyte proliferation and epidermal thickness in miceSUNG-TSANG HSIEH; CHIA-TUNG SHUNNeuroscience 2725
82008Influences of surgical decompression on the dorsal horn after chronic constriction injury: Changes in peptidergic and δ-opioid receptor (+) nerve terminalsSUNG-TSANG HSIEHNeuroscience 1112
91994Interactions of anticholinesterases with achatina fulica acetylcholine responses and electrogenic sodium pumpFU-CHUO PENG Neuroscience 77
102009Intrapallidal injection of 6-hydroxydopamine induced changes in dopamine innervation and neuronal activity of globus pallidusCHUN-HWEI TAINeuroscience 1818
111994L-type Ca2+ channel is involved in the regulation of spontaneous transmitter release at developing neuromuscular synapsesWEN-MEI FUNeuroscience 
122012Minocycline inhibits d-amphetamine-elicited action potential bursts in a central snail neuronPEI-LIN LIN Neuroscience 55
132007Neurotrophin-3 administration alters neurotrophin, neurotrophin receptor and nestin mRNA expression in rat dorsal root ganglia following axotomyLu-Ting KuoNeuroscience 1513
142008Physiological and morphological properties of, and effect of substance P on, neurons in the A7 catecholamine cell group in ratsMin, M.-Y.; Min, M.-Y.; MING-YUAN MINet al. ; Wu, Y.-W.; Shih, P.-Y.; Lu, H.-W.; Lin, C.-C.; Wu, Y.; Li, M.-J.; Yang, H.-W.MinMY ; MINGYUANMIN Neuroscience 1717
151996Potentiation of spontaneous acetylcholine release from motor nerve terminals by glutamate in Xenopus tadpolesWEN-MEI FU; RONG-SEN YANGNeuroscience 2323
162010Roles of A-type potassium currents in tuning spike frequency and integrating synaptic transmission in noradrenergic neurons of the A7 catecholamine cell group in ratsMin, M.Y.; Min, M.Y.; MING-YUAN MINet al. ; Wu, Y.W.; Shih, P.Y.; Lu, H.W.; Wu, Y.; Hsu, C.L.; Li, M.J.; Yang, H.W.Neuroscience 99
171993Synaptic relationships between gaba-immunoreactive boutons and primary afferent terminals in the rat cuneate nucleusJUNE-HORNG LUENeuroscience 1716